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(Fwrd Axis) – The highly anticipated premiere of The Challenge USA took place on Wednesday night as reality stars from CBS shows took on the toughest competitions of their lives to win $500,000. Host T.J. Lavin welcomed the newest crop of contestants from Survivor, Big Brother, Love Island, and The Amazing Race to the show, telling them they were about to enter the toughest competition of their lives. T.J. explains each of them will start out with $1,000 in their individual challenge bank accounts, and they can add to that total by winning challenges or eliminations.  But that isn't enough to get into the final, that amount must be $5,000 at minimum. Then the house gets acquainted with each other. On the Big Brother side, Xavier is there with his cookout alliance Tiffany, Azah, and Kyland. However, Alyssa and Derek are out for revenge since they were blindsided last season. Meanwhile, Survivor's Ben gave up his game for Sarah when they played together on Winners at War. With the Love Island side, Cashel and Kyra and Cinco and Cashay all have drama from their season, so that will be something to watch. Anyway, on to the very first challenge of The Challenge USA. T.J. explains the challenge is called "down to do math" which will see the competitors rappel down a 22-story building, solving a series of math equations the entire way. Once they are at the bottom, players have three chances to enter their answers to the equations. If they fail, they must run up all 22 flights of stairs and start again. Before that, T.J. drops another twist: the players will be paired up this season and so everyone must choose who they want to work with. The pairs are Tyson and Angela, Cayla and David, Xavier and Tasha; Ben and Alyssa; Kyland and Azah; Tiffany and Leo; Domenick and Justine; Cashel and Kyra; Desi and Cinco; Sarah and Enzo; Javonny and Cely; Derek and Cashay; James and Shannon; and Danny and Shan. The challenge begins and everyone has a good run at it apart from Kyland and Azah. They fail to answer the question correctly, which sees them run all the way back to the top to start again. While they do answer it correctly on the fourth try, Azah isn't feeling too well and collapses. T.J. reveals Tyson and Angela finished in the fastest time and were the lone pair safe from elimination. For coming last, Kyland and Azah went straight into the arena. Back at the house, discussions are underway and it's agreed upon that since the winning pair has a Big Brother player and a Survivor player that those shows should be untouchable, leaving Love Island and The Amazing Race. Tyson and Angela speak to Kyland and Azah, asking who they would want to face in the elimination. They respond with Shannon and James. At the elimination, Tyson and Angela voted Javonny and Cely into the elimination after a conversation with James. T.J. returns and explains the challenge: Knot So Fast, a Challenge classic. Players had to weave 250 ft. of a giant rope through a pyramid structure to make it as difficult for their opponents to untangle. After 20 minutes, they switch and try to undo it. Azah really struggled, leaving Kyland to do a majority of the work. Meanwhile, Cely looks like she's already exhausted on the other side. In the end, Azah and Kyland get the win and add $1,000 each to their personal challenge accounts. Oh, and T.J. has one more twist for everyone. A computer-generated algorithm will randomly pick the teams each week and that leaves everyone scrambling for cover. The Challenge USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS and streaming on Paramount+.
Love Island ended on a bit of a cliff-hanger yesterday, with news that tonight’s episode features another re-coupling, with the ‘boys’ getting to choose who they want to be with. What we know so far is: Paige and Jacques are on the rocks, Ekin-Su and Jay are at loggerheads and Tasha’s ‘head may be turning’ since the arrival of Charlie… Apart from Luca and Gemma and Dami and Indiyah, is any couple truly safe? Only time will tell… One thing I ‘love’ about Love Island is the memes… The other is the way Iain Sterling absolutely drags the cast, his comedic puns make the programme all the more watchable. Fans of the show have struggled to get into it this year though, because it seems like they’re ‘recycling’ the alumni by replacing them with doppelgängers. They’ve also praised Ekin-Su’s dramatic antics, stating: “her back must be hurting from carrying the whole show!” She first made headlines very early on since her arrival by sneaking off to the terrace for secret kisses with Jay (whilst coupled up with Davide). However, the honeymoon period didn’t last because, in yesterday’s episode, Jay pulled her aside to explain that he’s planning on getting to know Paige… To be fair to him, Jay did the decent thing by speaking to both Ekin-Su (and Jacques - who Paige is currently coupled with). But, the way Jacques was so quick to accept Jay’s proposition really hurt Paige, unsurprisingly. If that’s not enough drama, Tasha [who has been coupled with Andrew since the beginning of the series] has recently been on a date with newcomer Charlie, and she’s thinking of jumping ship. Fans were routing for them since day dot, so for them to crumble would be a real shame. Love Island airs on ITV2 at 9pm, all week for two months. PSA: 2023 is going to be a long, hot year with not one, but TWO seasons of Love Island set to air. The first of which will launch in January, taking place in South Africa, and then the usual Summer season in the Spanish Villa.

Laura Whitmore returned to host the Love Island UK live show, airing on ITV2, but fans were left mortified.

Love Island's eagerly-anticipated reunion show was slammed by viewers since it aired earlier this month.

Fans of the show were 'livid' as they took to Twitter to slam the "disrespectful" questioning and "awkward" scenes.

The cast reunited to wrap up the show, and the viewers expected a huge climax and drama of epic proportions but were met with a lackluster ending.

"This reunion is actually so anticlimactic no one is giving what needs to be given. Where's the drama? #LoveIsland" one tweeted.

Another said: "Is anyone else finding this entire episode unbearably awkward? #LoveIsland #LoveIslandReunion."

Laura was joined by Love Island 2021's winners Millie Court and Liam Reardon, and fellow finalists Teddy Soares and Faye Winter, Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran, and Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruickshank.

Most Islanders were present, with exception of Jake Cornish who was apparently stricken with suspected Coronavirus. Fans speculated that Jake missed the reunion to avoid a run-in with his on-screen "girlfriend" Liberty Poole. Viewers and Islanders alike were sceptical about his feelings towards her, with the cast even forming an intervention for Liberty a couple of weeks before the final. The couple later went their separate ways the day before the final, leaving the villa together (as individuals) voluntarily.

The awkwardness began when Laura reunited Millie Court and Liam Reardon, with Millie's love-rival in the villa, Lillie Haynes. For those who don't know Liam had 'cracked on' with Lillie whilst he was separated from Millie in Casa Amor.

In the interview, Laura suggested they all go out and have a "few shots" to move on.

Laura went on to quiz Lillie about images that surfaced of Lillie on a night out with football heart-throb Jack Grealish, who is in a long-term relationship with his childhood sweetheart, Sasha Attwood.

"Was defo inappropriate for Laura to ask Lillie about Jack Grealish on live tv he has a girlfriend …" one complained.

Another said: "Erm sorry imagine being jack grealish’s girlfriend watching that then?? bit disrespectful??"

"How disrespectful. Jack Grealish has a girlfriend. These rumours must cause so much mental stress and heartache.. how can you add fuel to the fire when it’s someone’s personal life. What happened to be kind? #LoveIsland #LoveIslandReunion," a third fumed.

The next awkward part of the programme happened when Laura quizzed Brad, Lucinda, and Aaron about their love-triangle. Laura asked Brad McClelland how he felt as he watched Aaron Francis and Lucinda Strafford kissing, to which he joked: "it turned us on!"

For those who didn't tune in, Brad was coupled with Lucinda for a few days before Aaron entered. Upon entering the villa, Aaron quickly grew close to Lucinda.

After a public vote, Brad and Lucinda were forced apart - with one of the two asked to sacrifice their place in the villa. Brad chose to leave in order for Lucinda to continue her journey, giving her a free pass to crack on with Aaron.

All three confirmed that they are now single, even though Lucinda and Brad briefly rekindled their romance and dated on the outisde.

Brad has discussed his controversial reunion response recently, stating it was sarcasm, and came as a result of being asked the same question repetitively since leaving the villa.

Laura Whitmore took to Instagram Stories to set the record straight, asking viewers to contact ITV ahead of time to select questions which weren't "awkward" or "disrespectful".

She said: “I insist everybody sees the questions earlier than they go on air and are pleased with it. I imagine in alternative, so nothing is ever requested without permission…” the host defined, earlier than including within the subsequent slide “Ought to I make clear just a few different issues?

In response to the seating arrangements, which viewers complained about, Laura wrote:

“A whole bunch of individuals work on Love Island. My job is to not organise seating preparations. I barely know what seat I’m sitting in earlier than the present asset modifications a lot.”

“We invited Kaz to sit down with Toby for his exes phase however she didn’t wish to and it’s her option to make. Every part is run by the Islanders beforehand. It’s all about alternative!” she added.

Speaking of the awkwardness and standoffish behaviour of the islanders, Laura hit back with: “In contrast to earlier years, the Islanders weren’t allowed alcohol. Please keep in mind they’re simply common individuals who have been nervous on reside telly. I’m certain they might have liked a drink for the nerves.”

Viewers of the show were pleased to see that fan favourites Millie Court and Liam Reardon, Teddy Soares and Faye Winter, Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran, and Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruickshank are still together, with no shock re-couplings reported.