Do’s For Dealing With the Sunday Blues

Ever since I entered the workforce full time upon graduating my masters program all those years ago, I have struggled with the Sunday blues. That’s what I always called it. It was only recently that I learned there’s an actual name for it, the “Sunday scaries,” and what a perfect name it is. Like most things in life, it was nice to discover that I wasn’t alone. Sometimes it wouldn’t strike until the evening hours as Monday morning neared, while other Sundays, it would creep in sooner in the afternoon. Either way, I’d be filled with dread and uneasiness which made it difficult to enjoy the precious remaining hours of my weekend.

I didn’t experience this when I was in school, I loved school. I’d actually play “school” during my summer breaks when I was younger. Dork much? Now that I know others of you are in the same boat with the Sunday scaries, I thought I’d share some strategies I’ve found helpful in making the transition into the new workweek easier. Of course, actually liking or even loving your job helps too but that’s a whole ‘nother topic.

On Sunday:

  • Prep your stuff the night or day before so it’s less to think about or have to do Monday morning. Pick out an outfit you’re excited about, including undergarments, that make you feel sexy, fierce, and ready to slay your week! Hang up and steam your clothes. Perform any personal grooming desired such as shaving, tweezing, waxing, etc.
  • Prep your meals so you have ready-to-go, easy breakfast and lunch options to properly fuel you and make you feel your best. Ain’t no one beating the Sunday/Monday blues when they’re hangry! Have your coffee maker all set so all you have to do is press a button. Consider using a coffee or tea cup with a motivational or positive message that gives you good feels to start your day and week.
  • Treat yo’ self! Plan some fun activities for yourself on Sundays, whatever they are for you. Maybe it’s getting together with friends, going for a walk, cooking a new meal you’ve been wanting to try, or taking a yoga class.
  • Time for a Sunday night pick-me-up but make it relaxing. Think hair masks, face masks, a cooling face roller over a cup of tea or glass of wine. Watch your favorite show or some funny videos, anything that will boost your mood and put you in the right state of mind. You might enjoy a chat with a supportive friend or family member – just be careful it’s not someone who will drain or exhaust you or add unnecessary drama. Try journaling, even just for 5 minutes. It will give you a chance to vent and express your worries going into the week so they don’t keep you up at night. 
  • Finally, I know we’ve heard it at least a thousand times before but getting a proper amount of sleep is so important. It’s especially hard to cope or perform well when we’re tired (kind of like when we’re hangry) so not getting enough sleep isn’t going to do you any favors and will set a terrible precedent for the rest of the week. We need that shutdown time to recharge and conquer what’s ahead.

On Monday:

This section is shorter for a reason. You should (hopefully) have a lot less to do since you set yourself up for success on Sunday!

  • Do anything you can to make your commute easier and less stressful. Map out your trip well in advance so you can plan accordingly and don’t run late. If driving, ensure you already put gas in the car prior to Monday morning. One of my personal favorite ways is to take an Uber or Lyft if possible, particularly if I have a super early call time and am concerned about safety; however, with prices skyrocketing since the pandemic and Uberpool no longer being an option, it’s now become a very rare, special treat. Though it is a little extra on your wallet, sometimes it’s worth the splurge for that peace of mind.
  • Speaking of the mind, it’s powerful. And so are you. Now’s a great time for some positive self talk and positive affirmations. What are some important messages for you to hear and remember based on what’s going on for you this week? What can you tell yourself that’s going to build you up and make you feel unstoppable? Play that, on repeat. Now go get ‘em. You’ve got this.


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