Exciting Titles Coming From Titan Comics In March

Titan Comics is poised to start next month with some very exciting comic book releases! With the success of the first issue of the now-defunct Netflix series Cowboy Bebop, readers are in for a treat with the upcoming second issue of the new four-issue miniseries, written by Dan Watters and illustrated by Larmar Mathurin.

Cowboy Bebop isn’t the only exciting title by Titan Comics coming in March. Read on to see what is coming to a shop near you in a few weeks.

If you missed the first issue of Cowboy Bebop, you can catch up by ordering online or visiting your local comic book shop!

Check out the trailer for Cowboy Bebop below.

Here’s what Titan Comics is delivering in March

Titles, images, and descriptions provided by Titan Comics

Cowboy Bebop #2

Writer: Dan Watters
Artist: Lamar Mathurin
FC, 32pp, $3.99
On sale March 2 2022

Based on the New Netflix live-action adaption of the original anime!

An original story set in the year 2171. The bounty hunter crew of the spaceship Bebop chase an ex-gang member who holds a vest which gives the wearer unlimited luck. New Netflix series starring John Cho (Star Trek), Mustafa Shakir (Luke Cage) and Daniela Pinada (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom)

Cover A by Andy Tong!


Horizon Zero Dawn: Liberation

Writer: Anne Toole
Artist: Elmer Damaso
Softcover, 112pp, $17.99, £14.99
ISBN: 9781787734104
On sale March 1 2022

A brand new graphic novel expanding upon the story of the epic video game Horizon Zero Dawn, and its highly anticipated sequel, Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon: a far-future Earth full of epic natural beauty and forgotten ruins, where awe-inspiring, animal-like machines are the dominant species and humans struggle to survive in pre-industrial tribes. Set during the events of Horizon Zero Dawn, Erend and Aloy are on the hunt for the killer of an important member of the Oseram tribe, fending off deadly machines along the way.


Robotech Archives: The Sentinals Vol. 2

Writer: Tom Mason & Chris Ulm
Artist: Jason Waltrip
Softcover, 544pp, $24.99, £21.99
ISBN: 9781785866968
On sale March 1 2022

Continuing the series of books collecting the classic Robotech comic material – collecting Robotech II: The Sentinels Book Two for the very first time!

Titan Comics continue their collection of classic Robotech comics material in this huge volume. The epic story of Rick and Lisa Hunter continues! The fight rages on against the deadly Robotech Masters while the Sentinels – a group consisting of various alien species – appear to be willing to help the humans. But are the Sentinels really friends or could this spell the end for Rick, Lisa and the SDF-3? Collects issues 1 to 22 of Robotech II: The Sentinels Book Two.



Writer: Wilfrid Lupano
Artist: Jean-Baptiste Andreae
Hardcover, 232pp, $39.99, £36.99
ISBN: 9781787735880
On sale March 1 2022

This Crayon d’Or prize-winning graphic novel is an incredible Terry Gilliam-esque fantasy tale, penned by the award-winning author of the acclaimed Valerian spin-off.

Azimut features a host of quirky characters in a colourful fantasy world whose lives are turned upside down when the magnetic North pole simply disappears!

Time and death are not what they seem in this world – old professor Aristide Breloquinte spends his time studying the peculiarities on his laboratory ship, fearful of the dreaded Time Snatcher!


Collect these titles from Titan Comics in March and visit titan-comics.com for more information on other titles!



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