How to Watch Brandon Figueroa vs Mark Magsayo PPV: Start Time, TV Channel, live in Canada & USA

The year 2023 has already been quite successful in terms of action fights within the ring of boxing. When Brandon Figueroa challenges Mark Magsayo for the interim WBC featherweight belt on Saturday, he anticipates adding to the rapidly expanding list of Fight of the Year contenders (Showtime, 9 p.m. ET).

“This might be another Fight of the Year candidate,” Figueroa stated at a media day prior of the fight. “I’m eager to demonstrate my abilities. Because they are aware that my fights are never dull, my fans adore them. To keep demonstrating to everyone that I belong at this level, I want to compete against the best of the best.”

His evaluation is accurate. Figueroa can create exciting action by engaging in intense inside blitzes and applying persistent pressure to opponents. Because of his fighting style, Figueroa was able to participate in one-half of one of the best fights of 2021, an exciting contest with Stephen Fulton Jr. that cost him the 122-pound title.

Figueroa moved up to featherweight after the close decision loss to Fulton and defeated Carlos Castro in the sixth round in July 2022. He is now trying to make a name for himself in the new division and set up a fight with WBC champion Rey Vargas, who will be moving back up to featherweight after trying unsuccessfully to win the vacant super featherweight belt in February.


Date: March 4th, Saturday
Primary card: 8:00 p.m. ET/10:00 p.m. GMT
Ringwalks for the main event begin at around 4 a.m. GMT/11 p.m. ET.
The bout will take place in Ontario, California at the Toyota Arena.
The US coverage of the fight will be on Showtime.
The main card will begin at 1 a.m. GMT/8 p.m. ET, and the main event ringwalks will take place at 4 a.m. GMT/11 p.m. ET.
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“[Mark] I have high expectations for Magsayo since he is a fantastic fighter. It’s been nearly a month since I arrived in Las Vegas, and everything is going well. Although Magsayo is a formidable opponent, I am also a formidable opponent. I have what it takes to dominate this battle and prove to the world that I am just as powerful at featherweight as I am at heavyweight.

“I’m here to fight, and everyone knows it. On March 4, everyone will be able to observe my fighting prowess at 126 pounds.

“When I fight inside the pocket, I am very aware of what I’m doing. I feel incredibly comfortable and competent while I’m inside. I can then start firing body shots. But, because I am aware that Magsayo is a powerhouse similar to me, we have worked on a number of things.

“This is going to be a fantastic fight, as fans have come to anticipate from Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. We both strive to win again, and we both have the heart of a lion. No one will be able to obstruct my path. I’m a champion when I leave the ring.

“I’ve fought alongside several world champions and top competitors. Julio Ceja was fought by both of us, but only Magsayo was knocked out. The power was manageable for me. He was four pounds bigger than I was, but he didn’t make me sway.

This might be another contender for Fight of the Year. I’m eager to demonstrate my abilities. Because they are aware that my fights are never dull, my fans adore them. To keep demonstrating to everyone that I belong at this level, I want to compete against the best of the best.

“We have been concentrating on Magsayo, and we have observed that he was impatient and irritated with Rey Vargas. We’re taking note of it and getting ready to profit from it.

Since the beginning of my professional career, people have predicted that they will knock me out. They are free to criticize my style all they want, but I remain. And I’m not hanging on by a thread. I exert myself. He’ll find out if I’m simple to knock out on fight night.

“I assumed Stephen Fulton Jr. wouldn’t join me for the rematch. My responsibility is to perform a stunning fight for the audience. I fight because it’s what I do best. It’s only a matter of time, but I have a feeling that the rematch will take place in the future.

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“The audience will emerge victorious from this struggle. I’m stronger than ever when I return.

“I’ve been training for this fight since October, and it’s been fantastic. I’ve been engaging in a lot of sparring sessions. This fight is going to be fantastic.

“I realized after my last match that I needed to adapt for a guy like Rey Vargas who has a reach advantage. Although I respect the judges, I genuinely believed I had won the battle. I’m coming to attack Figueroa hard with my strength and damage.

“For everything I learnt from Freddie Roach, I want to express my gratitude. Marvin Somodio is now my trainer. He is a fantastic trainer, and we get along well.

“I promise that this fight will be fantastic. [Brandon] Figueroa is powerful and constantly takes the initiative. You won’t want to miss this fight, though, because I’m strong too.

“I’ll be prepared if I have the chance to face Vargas again and prevail on March 4. I’ll jump at the chance to battle him if he decides to lose weight again.

“I’m more ravenous than ever. Although I’ve always been hungry, I know that I must prevail in this battle. This is my opportunity to reclaim the title of champion.

“The evening is going to be fantastic. The fight fans in Southern California are incredible. Everyone knows they’ll want to be on the edge of their seats for this one because we’re both fantastic fighters.

“With my training, I’ve been more intelligent and detail-oriented. More defense will be added, and I’ll make sure to constantly train wisely. There are only minor tweaks that were required because I came close to winning the most recent fight.

“I’ve recovered more powerful for this battle. The recent battle taught me a lot. I’m grateful for the chance to prove to everyone that I’ve improved as a boxer.

Prediction: Figueroa vs. Magsayo

Magsayo has powerful hands that can connect cleanly enough to finish out most men. Figueroa’s chin, though, has been extraordinary throughout his career, and even at a heavier weight, there is an expectation that he will be able to take punishment and continue working in the pocket where he excels.

Also, Figueroa is the taller and bigger man, which may be advantageous if he wishes to force periods of mid-range combat before advancing into phone booth brawling. Magsayo has occasionally had difficulty competing against opponents who are marginally more skilled than Figueroa, but Figueroa has faced off against an extraordinarily gifted opponent in Fulton.

Expect Figueroa to take his time dismantling Magsayo before enforcing a late stoppage with nearly constant body work and power shots while taking some of Magsayo’s retaliation fire.


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