UK vs USA Youtube Boxing

King Kenny Vs FaZe Temperrr fight: Time, Venue, how to watch UK vs USA Boxing

Crypto is the financial currency of the times, but in 2022, even it pales to the importance and volatility of social currency. Social currency is nothing new, of course, but no longer does one have to become a great athlete, a politician, a civil leader, or movie star to possess it as a social influencer. Measured in followers and subscribers rather than dollars and cents, and it is earned through consistent and viral content. Like actors who become music artists, athletes who become CEOs, et cetera, even E-Sports gamers and YouTubers have to diversify to grow their audience and earning potential. One popular method in recent years, especially for male influencers, has become boxing.

How to watch UK vs USA Boxing

• When: Saturday, March 5, 2022
• Start Time: 2 p.m. EST / 11 a.m. PST
• Location: Wembley Stadium – London, England
• Live Streaming:  ShowStar.TV

The KSIs and Logan Paul’s of the world have paved the way and shown the earning potential in boxing as their socially disruptive behavior online has shaken the sport. Increased desire to see others who make their living behind the webcam and iPhone step in the ring has led to events like this weekend’s Showstar: UK vs USA YouTube Boxing event. In the co-headliner, Gen Z will see representatives of two of the most influential factions on the Internet – Beta Squad and FaZe Clan – touch gloves. The match will take place at Wembley Stadium in London, England on Saturday, March 5, 2022. Representing the UK’s quintet is King Kenny, who will face off against the USA’s FaZe Temperrr.

Showstar: UK vs USA YouTube Boxing Fight Card

Main Event: Deji Vs Alex Wassabi

Co-main Event: King Kenny (#TeamUK) Vs Faze Temperrr (#TeamUSA) *co-main

Kristen Hanby Vs Vitaly 

Armz Korleone Vs Minikon 

Ryan Taylor Vs DK

Stromedy v Austin Sprinz 

Busta Breezie v Hamagram

Beta Squad is three years old composed of five influencers who each had amassed their own following. King Kenny, 24, is a YouTuber with 2 million subscribers himself who has gone viral for his videos featuring his younger brother, as well as his renditions of some of the Internet’s trending challenges. His personal channel has generated more than 300 million views.

FaZe Clan was created in 2010, pulling together some of the top young talents in the then-rising E-Sports arena. The team competes in nine different gaming spaces including FIFA, Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Rocket League. FaZe Temperrr, 28, is one of the group’s co-founders. Extending beyond the online arena, FaZe Clan’s roster includes LeBron “Bronny” James Jr. and NFL quarterback Kyler Murray. FaZe Temperrr has more than 2 million subscribers, as well as the shared 334 million that subscribe to FaZe Clan content.

How Many Subscribers Does King Kenny TV Have on YouTube?

King Kenny TV is a YouTube personality who is known for his videos that feature his younger brother, as well as participating in influencer challenges. With 2 million subscribers, he doesn’t have the numbers of those in the headline event, but also started later, creating his channel in 2013. Later this month he will turn 25-years old. King Kenny’s main channel has generated more than 300 million views.

How Many Subscribers Does FaZe Temperrr Have on YouTube?

Co-founder of the professional E-Sports team FaZe Clan, FaZe Temperrr have more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube. At 28-years old, he started his YouTube channel in 2010, generating more than 67 million views on his content.

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