My ‘Aha’ Moment Of Becoming A Nurse

Throughout high school, my family, teachers, and mentors encouraged me to explore careers and find out what I wanted to do with my life. Regarding their advice, I buckled down and got to work researching different career paths.

I felt I was getting lost within each avenue I explored, as there are so many interesting things to learn and do!

Asking the question — where do ‘I’ fit?

Faced with so many different choices, I began to get quite frustrated — after all, I just wanted to help people. It was this ‘aha’ moment I found the career that genuinely fits with what makes myself, myself, what better way to help people than by becoming a nurse!

The more I thought about nursing; the more my respect grew for the practice. What nurses do daily is spectacular. I began reflecting on what it would be like to become a nurse. Thinking about how strong-willed they are, they see what happens to families behind the scenes. It takes a particular person to be able to stay strong when everyone around them feels weak. Especially When something terrible has happened to a family, everyone close to that person becomes weak. So not only does a nurse tend to them and help them they remain that one strong person to help support a family.

To be certain that nursing is the right thing for me, I started volunteering at hospitals and becoming close to many nurses. My volunteer experiences showed me what it takes to help people and the importance of a full medical team. I asked about what their average day was like for them.

I learned, well there is no average day, the long hours and the sad nights. However, the happy moments are the ones they hold on to. The times where a patient smiled or when they were able to help advocate. Learning about the resilience and strength involved in nursing and the medical field intrigued me even more.


Any second I can get to help someone is a second well spent. I am a very dedicated person, and I like to be busy. I enjoy the aspect of having to run around at all hours of the night and doing multiple things at once. I learned that I am capable of working at all hours when I was an on-call nanny to help tend to their child who needs special help at all hours. I learned that through a lot of difficult times. I can focus and perform to the best of my abilities. I am the type of person that will always give their full effort no matter what. I am a hard worker and an overachiever. I believe that being a nurse I can help people not just by helping the doctor, but also talking to my patients and helping their families through the toughest of times.

I have always loved working with people and talking to people. After becoming a nurse, I dream of continuing my education and eventually becoming a practitioner in the field. Right now I want to pursue pediatrics; however, perhaps future experiences will show me a field of nursing that resonates with me even more than pediatrics. In the meantime, I will stick where I believe I can thrive and where I think I can make the most amount of impact.

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