Pain Through Multiple Lenses

Tears escaped my eyes as I watched my father drive away for a very long business trip. I was eight years old when I experienced a sense of emotional pain.

Have you ever experienced pain?

Pain is something that is defined as “mental or physical suffering or torment” ( There are many variations of pain, including emotional and physical pain. Pain may be felt and experienced differently by many people. I have felt emotional pains that many people may relate to, like a broken heart or abandonment. However, even though one might feel a broken heart or abandonment, one does not experience it the same as another.

Furthermore, one may be able to endure more pain than others, maybe because the individual has experienced more pain during their lifetime. Pain is a cause of an effect. I believe pain might make people stronger, and every bump in the road might make people tougher.


Pain could be defined as a lot of different feelings rushing around in one’s body that eventually collides, causing a painful atomic bomb inside one’s body. I remember the first moment I felt emotional pain. My voice screeched, my heart raced, and my body turned epileptic as tears streamed down my eight-year-old face. I did not understand why my father was leaving us, and I did not know why my mommy and daddy were fighting in the first place. It was all of this unknowing that created a painful black hole in my heat. The hole in my heart was half-filled with guilt; the guilt then began to rise and flood my entire body that created a painful torment. I was unable to breathe, and my head rang as bells hit the inside of my skull caused my head to pulsate. In that instance, I felt three different types of pain: guilt, abandonment, and physical fatigue. The outside car door shut seconds later the engine turned on, and then my father drove away. I believe that I became a more influential individual because of that day, my father left.

In addition to feeling abandonment, I have felt the painful experience of a breakup. The most painful part of this particular break up was when the guy after two years said he still was in love with me, but he felt he did not deserve me. Relating to the quote, “pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding” (Khalil Gibran.) Because of the lack of understanding that I had during the occurrence of the breakup, I experienced a pain that I can still slightly feel today. This breakup pain began as being emotional, but as hours and days progressed, it resulted in more physical pain. My body turned weak, my head hurt for days, my eyes were painfully bruised, and my nose slowly turned red from the excessive amount of tissues. Many people may feel physical pain, along with emotional distress, because the two bring out each other.

Physical pain may be considered one of the most agonizing types of pain.
I believe that even though pain is awful, a lot of us have been through some sort of pain.

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