This is something everyone will always tell you in life. Be patient. Just wait. Patience is a virtue.

Why? What are we waiting for?

Okay, I get it we have to wait for our plane to take off, we have to wait for the school bell to ring, we have to wait in the doctors office for them to call us in to wait some more, & we have to wait for our train to arrive. Blah blah blah

Now why on earth would someone tell me or you to wait for something exciting, fun, new exploration, or to be passionate?

So “patience” this word, this lesson, that keeps coming up & interfering with my life or the way I view things is simply a lesson for me not to conform but to share with all of you why I whole heartedly disagree with that statement of patience is a virtue. I mean I feel like yelling to the mountain tops “Go now! Do not waste another moment seizing your dreams, desires, & wishes” (of course with out causing harm to anyone else or yourself)

We have to wait for many things in life. However, for experiences & living life to the fullest, I say, “Do not wait!”. If you are passionate about learning an instrument, or trying something new, traveling to a new place, kissing someone, buying that one item you have always wanted, why wait?!

Go for it!!! Life is meant to be created & had. God, Source, our Universe, wants us to create & manifest, making all our dreams come true. Life is so precious & to wait for that perfect moment to do something is crazy! Insane! Wasteful!

Every moment we breathe is perfect!


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