Division I Women's Lacrosse Quarterfinal - Loyola Maryland (8) vs. Northwestern (1)

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In an exhilarating showdown that had lacrosse fans on the edge of their seats, Loyola Maryland Greyhounds pulled off a stunning upset against the Northwestern Wildcats in the NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Quarterfinals. The game, held at a packed stadium on May 18, showcased the intense competition and the unwavering determination of both teams.

From the opening whistle, Northwestern showcased their dominance, asserting their authority on the field with a relentless offensive onslaught. Erin Coykendall, Northwestern’s star attacker, dazzled the crowd with her incredible speed and agility, leading the Wildcats to an early lead. Loyola Maryland’s defense struggled to contain Northwestern’s attacking prowess, and it appeared that the Wildcats were on their way to a comfortable victory.

NCAA Women’s College Lacrosse Quarterfinal. Here’s how to watch it online today:

Team: Loyola Maryland vs. Northwestern

Date: May 18, 2023

Time: 7:30 p.m. ET

Broadcast: ESPNU

Live Stream: GamePassTV

In a thrilling and high-stakes showdown in the NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Quarterfinals, Loyola Maryland took on Northwestern, presenting a thrilling spectacle that had the audience on the edge of their seats from the first whistle.

The Loyola Maryland Greyhounds, under the leadership of head coach Jen Adams, entered the quarterfinals after a spectacular season that had seen them dispatch several top-ranked teams. On the other side, Northwestern Wildcats, guided by coach Kelly Amonte Hiller, had dominated their opposition in the regular season and seemed confident stepping into the quarterfinal clash.

From the start of the match, Northwestern’s Wildcats displayed their aggressive style, seizing control with a tight defensive line and a fast-paced offense. The team’s star attacker, Erin Coykendall, was in fine form, using her extraordinary speed and agility to pierce through Loyola’s defense, leading Northwestern to an early lead.

As the second half kicked off, Northwestern once again took the initiative. However, their dominance was disrupted by a brilliant defensive strategy from Loyola Maryland, which effectively contained Northwestern’s prolific offense. The Greyhounds’ goalkeeper, Kady Glynn, put on a stunning performance, making several key saves that kept the game within reach.

Loyola Maryland then showed their offensive prowess, with Ellie Kluegel and Sam Fiedler stepping up to the challenge. They executed seamless passes and shots on target, shifting the game’s momentum in Loyola’s favor.

As the final whistle neared, the tension was palpable. Northwestern pressed hard, but Loyola’s defensive wall held firm. A last-minute goal by Loyola’s Rosenzweig sealed the deal, leading to an electrifying victory for Loyola Maryland.

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In the end, Loyola Maryland’s resilience and tactical brilliance emerged triumphant over Northwestern’s aggressive approach. Both teams demonstrated the spirit of the sport, their dedication to their craft, and the heart that goes into every match, making this quarterfinal a historic match to remember.

After the game, Loyola Maryland’s coach, Jen Adams, shared her pride in her team’s performance. “This game wasn’t just about lacrosse skills, but about the heart and mental toughness. Our team demonstrated that today, and I couldn’t be more proud,” she said.

Northwestern’s coach Kelly Amonte Hiller echoed a similar sentiment. “Lacrosse is a game of runs, and Loyola made the most of theirs today. We’ll learn from this and come back stronger,” she promised.

The Loyola Maryland vs. Northwestern Women’s Lacrosse Quarterfinal will be remembered as a testament to the passion, grit, and strategic brilliance inherent in women’s lacrosse. As Loyola Maryland advances further into the tournament, we can only wait with bated breath for what lies ahead in this electrifying season.

However, the Greyhounds refused to back down. Loyola Maryland midfielder Livy Rosenzweig demonstrated her superior dodging ability and precise shot placement, helping the Greyhounds claw back into the game. By halftime, the two teams were tied in a neck-to-neck battle, keeping fans from both sides in a suspenseful anticipation. The Greyhounds had other plans. Determined not to go down without a fight, Loyola Maryland rallied, capitalizing on their opponents’ minor lapses in defense. Livy Rosenzweig, a standout midfielder for the Greyhounds, showcased her exceptional dodging skills and sharpshooting ability, single-handedly bringing Loyola back into contention.



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