2023 HSBC Sydney Rugby 7s

What time is HSBC World Rugby 7s? Where To Watch, TV Channels for US, Canada, UK, Australia and more

An air of excitement can be felt all over Sydney as it is all set to host the 24th edition of the World Rugby Sevens. The HSBC-sponsored tournament will serve as a decider for the 2024 Paris Olympic qualifications. The top 4 teams from the tournament excluding the hosts France will automatically qualify for the summer Olympics. The 2022-2023 World Rugby Sevens Series tournament will kick off on 27th January 2023 when Ireland faces Samoa at Allianz Stadium, Sydney. The finals will be held on 29th January 2023.

Viewing info for AU 7s

  • What: World Rugby 7s in Sydney
  • When: January 27 to 29, 2023
  • Where: Sydney, Australia
  • Live Stream Anywhere: PremiumTVRugby

The New Zealand men’s team has already secured a spot in round 4 after it won a thriller in Hamilton a few days back. The proficient team of New Zealand currently in great form is looking to bag the title. Michaela Blyde, the holder of the 2017 and 2018 World Rugby Sevens player of the year title, is a competent opponent to look out for. At the same time, the Australian National Team is looking to defend its title as  Champions of the 2022 Rugby World Cup sevens. Charlotte Caslick, Olympic gold medalist and Australian national sensation is all geared up to take the title home.


Sydney Sevens Schedule 2023

The HSBC-sponsored 2023 World Rugby Seven in Sydney is scheduled to be held between the 27th and 29th of January. Following is the time and fixture for the matches:

Friday, 27 January

Pool C

  • Ireland Vs Samoa
  • USA Vs Spain

Pool B

  • South Africa Vs Kenya
  • New Zealand Vs Uruguay

Pool D

  • Fiji Vs Tonga
  • France Vs Japan

Pool A

  • Australia Vs Great Britain
  • Argentina Vs Canada

Saturday, 28 January 

Pool C

  • Ireland Vs Spain
  • United States Vs Samoa

Pool B

  • South Africa Vs Uruguay
  • New Zealand  Vs Kenya

Pool D

  • Fiji Vs Japan
  • France Vs Tonga

Pool A

  • Australia Vs Canada
  • Argentina Vs Great Britain

Pool C

  • Samoa Vs Spain
  • United States Vs Ireland

Pool B

  • Kenya Vs Uruguay
  • New Zealand Vs South Africa

Pool D

  • Japan Vs Tonga
  • Fiji Vs France

Pool A

  • Great Britain Vs Canada
  • Argentina Vs Australia

Where To Watch World Rugby 7s in Sydney | 2023 Rugby Sevens TV Channels

Fanatics of Rugby wishing to watch the tournament live can visit by RugbyPass website. You can get live scores and schedules of the HSBC World Rugby Seven Series on the Official Rugby website: www.world.rugby

People hailing from countries with no broadcasting channels can access digital rugby platforms like RugbyPass. You can watch the World Rugby 7s live stream complete 3 days of the game online,

Residents and Rugby fans from Australia can view the broadcast of all matches at:

  • Foxtel iQ
  • Foxtel Now
  • Kayo Sports

Individuals from various countries who wish to watch the championship on their televisions can resort to the following channels:

  • Argentina: ESPN Sur
  • Australia: BeIN
  • Canada: CBC
  • Fiji: Fiji TV
  • France: Canal +
  • New Zealand: Sky New Zealand
  • Samoa: Fiji TV
  • South Africa: Super Sport
  • United States: NBC
  • Uruguay: ESPN Sur

Sydney Rugby 7s playoffs schedule with time (AEDT)



1st Pool B v Best 3rd ranked, 5:54 pm

1st Pool C v 2nd Pool A, 6:16 pm

2nd Pool B v 2nd Pool C, 6:38 pm

1st Pool A v Second best 3rd ranked, 7:00 pm


1st Pool C v 2nd Pool B, 7:37 pm

1st Pool B v 2nd Pool C, 8:05 pm

1st Pool D v 2nd Pool A, 8:35 pm

1st Pool A v 2nd Pool D, 9:03 pm


Women’s 9th Place Semis

Best 4th v 2nd Best 4th, 9:10 am

3rd Best 3rd v 3rd Best 4th, 9:32 am

Men’s 9th Place Quarter Finals

3rd Pool C v 4th Pool B, 9:54 am

3rd Pool B v 4th Pool C, 10:16 am

3rd Pool D v 4th Pool A, 10:38 am

3rd Pool A v 4th Pool D, 11:00 am

Women’s 5th Place Semis/Place Playoffs

Loser QF 1 v Loser QF 2, 11:32 am

Loser QF 3 v Loser QF 4, 11:54 am

11th Place Playoff, 12:16 pm

9th Place Playoff, 12:38 pm

Place Semi-Finals

13th Place SF: Loser 9th Place QF 1 v Loser 9th Place QF 4, 1:00 pm

9th Place SF: Winner 9th Place QF 1 v Winner 9th Place QF 4, 1:22 pm

9th Place SF: Winner 9th Place QF 2 v Winner 9th Place QF 3, 1:44 pm

5th Place SF: Loser QF 1 v Loser QF 4, 2:06 pm

5th Place SF: Loser QF 2 v Loser QF 3, 2:28 pm

13th Place SF: Loser 9th Place QF 2 v Loser 9th Place QF 3, 2:50 pm

Women’s Semi-Finals

Winner QF 1 v Winner QF 4, 3:22 pm

Winner QF 2 v Winner QF 3, 3:44 pm

Men’s Semi-Finals

Winner QF 1 v Winner QF 4, 4:06 pm

Winner QF 2 v Winner QF 3, 4:28 pm

Place Playoffs


7th Place Playoff, 5:00 pm

5th Place Playoff, 5:22 pm


13th Place Playoff, 5:44 pm

9th Place Playoff: 6:06 pm

5th Place Playoff: 6:28 pm


Rugby fans are advised to gear up as the 24th edition of World Rugby Sevens is expected to be a complete nail-biter.


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