LGT Women’s Curling Championship 2023: Schedule, Live Stream, Preview, and How To Watch

The 2023 World Women’s Curling Championship, billed as the 2023 LGT World Women’s Curling Championship, is scheduled to take place from March 18 to 26 at the Göransson Arena in Sandviken, Sweden. This is going to be the 45th World Women’s Curling Championship; also, this is a first visit to Sandviken’s 10,000-seater facility that opened in 2009.

Here is everything you need to know about the 2023 World Women’s Curling Championship.

What channel will broadcast LGT Women’s Curling

Start: Saturday, March 18

End: Sunday, March 26

Venue: Goransson Arena

Location: Sandviken, Sweden


Live Stream Anywhere: GamePass.TV

How to watch LGT World Women’s Curling Championship 2023?

The World Women’s Curling will be broadcast on TSN in Canada and there are many TV Channels worldwide, the complete tournament live streaming is available on GAMEPASS.TV (worldwide) Unfortunately, there is no TV Channel available in the USA. If you are looking for a streaming way to watch the 2023 WWCC live online from the US, Canada, UK, or anywhere around the world check out GAMEPASS

Qualification format

Altogether 13 of the top women’s teams will represent their national Member Associations at this event.

The teams qualified through two different routes for this championship:

  • through their performances in the Le Gruyère AOP European Curling Championships, held in November 2022 in Oestersund, Sweden,
  • and at the inaugural Pan Continental Curling Championships, staged in Calgary, Canada earlier in November 2022.

Team Preview

Canada (skipped by Kerri Einarson)

This team is making a third-world championship appearance.

They finished fifth in 2021 in Calgary and took bronze in 2022, in Prince George, Canada.

Denmark (skipped by Madeleine Dupont)

Madeleine is making her 14th world championship appearance.

This team finished fifth in 2021 and sixth in 2022.

They took gold medals at the Le Gruyère AOP European Curling Championships 2022.

Germany (skipped by Daniela Jentsch)

Daniela is making her ninth appearance; also, this team finished ninth in the last three world championships.

Italy (skipped by Stefania Constantini)

Stefania is an Olympic mixed double gold medallist from 2022.

This team finished tenth at the world championship last year and fourth at last year’s Le Gruyère AOP European Curling Championships.

Japan (skipped by Fujisawa Satsuki)

This team took Olympic silver in 2022, to follow up on their Olympic bronze medals in 2018.

Korea (skipped by Ha Seungyoun)

Ha is making her debut at this level.

This team took silver medals at the inaugural Pan Continental Curling Championships in 2022.

New Zealand (skipped by Jessica Smith)

Jessica leads this team to their nation’s first women’s appearance at the world championship level.

Norway (skipped by Marianne Roervik)

This team finished eighth at last year’s world championship.

Their fourth player, Kristin Skaslien, is a two-time Olympic mixed doubles medallist.

Scotland (skipped by Rebecca Morrison)

This team was forced to withdraw from last year’s world championship for Covid-related medical reasons.

They took European bronze last November.

Sweden (skipped by Anna Hasselborg)

Anna is making a sixth-world championship appearance.

This team of Olympic champions hopes to improve on the silver medals they won in 2018 and 2019, and last season’s fourth-place finish.

Switzerland (skipped by Silvana Tirinzoni)

Silvana is looking forward to her fourth world title having taken gold in 2019, 2021, and last year.

Note that, this team is the defending champion.

Türkiye (skipped by Dilsat Yildiz)

This team finished 11th last year when Türkiye made their world championship debut.

United States (skipped by Tabitha Peterson)

This team is a new combination of experienced world championships and Olympic performers.

Three members of this team — skip Peterson, her sister Tara and Becca Hamilton, took world bronze in 2021.

LGT World Women’s Curling Championship 2023 Broadcast Schedule

GameSessionDateTime UTC+1Channel
Switzerland vs United States Live1Saturday 18 March14:00SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), CCTV (China)
 Korea vs Norway Live1Saturday 18 March14:00JTBC (Korea), CCTV (China)
New Zealand vs Sweden Live1Saturday 18 March14:00SVT1 SVT2 (Sweden), CCTV (China)
Denmark vs Japan Live1Saturday 18 March14:00NHK (Japan), CCTV (China)
Switzerland vs Japan Live2Saturday 18 March19:00NHK (Japan), SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), CCTV (China)
Canada vs Sweden Live2Saturday 18 March19:00TSN 1 (Canada), SVT 24 (Sweden), CCTV (China)
United States vs Canada Live3Sunday 19 March9:00TSN 3 (Canada), CCTV (China)
Italy vs Korea Live3Sunday 19 March9:00JTBC (Korea), CCTV (China)
Denmark vs Korea Live4Sunday 19 March14:00JTBC (Korea), CCTV (China)
Sweden vs Switzerland Live4Sunday 19 March14:00SVT1 SVT2 (Sweden), SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), CCTV (China)
Canada vs Norway Live5Sunday 19 March19:00TSN 3 (Canada), CCTV (China)
Japan vs Scotland Live5Sunday 19 March19:00NHK (Japan), CCTV (China)
Türkiye vs Switzerland Live5Sunday 19 March19:00SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), CCTV (China)
United States vs Japan Live6Monday 20 March9:00NHK (Japan), CCTV (China)
Canada vs Italy Live6Monday 20 March9:00TSN 1 (Canada), CCTV (China)
Norway vs Denmark Live7Monday 20 March14:00Eurosport, CCTV (China)
Switzerland vs Germany Live7Monday 20 March14:00SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), CCTV (China)
Sweden vs Türkiye Live7Monday 20 March14:00SVT Play (Sweden), CCTV (China)
Italy vs New Zealand Live8Monday 20 March19:00Eurosport, CCTV (China)
Japan vs Norway Live8Monday 20 March19:00NHK (Japan), CCTV (China)
Scotland vs Canada Live8Monday 20 March19:00TSN1/3 (Canada), CCTV (China)
Germany vs Sweden Live9Tuesday 21 March9:00Kunskapskanal (Sweden), Eurosport, CCTV (China)
Canada vs Switzerland Live10Tuesday 21 March14:00TSN1/4 (Canada), SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), CCTV (China)
Japan vs Türkiye Live10Tuesday 21 March14:00NHK (Japan), CCTV (China)
Sweden vs Japan Live11Tuesday 21 March19:00NHK (Japan), SVT24 (Sweden), CCTV (China)
New Zealand vs Canada Live11Tuesday 21 March19:00TSN1/4 (Canada), CCTV (China)
Italy vs Scotland Live11Tuesday 21 March19:00Eurosport, CCTV (China)
Türkiye vs Korea Live12Wednesday 22 March9:00JTBC (Korea), CCTV (China)
Norway vs Sweden Live12Wednesday 22 March9:00Kunskapskanal (Sweden), CCTV (China)
Switzerland vs New Zealand Live12Wednesday 22 March9:00SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), CCTV (China)
Canada vs Germany Live13Wednesday 22 March14:00TSN 1 (Canada), CCTV (China)
Japan vs Italy Live13Wednesday 22 March14:00NHK (Japan), CCTV (China)
Italy vs Switzerland Live14Wednesday 22 March19:00SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), Eurosport, CCTV (China)
United States vs Sweden Live14Wednesday 22 March19:00SVT2/SVT24 (Sweden), CCTV (China)
Korea vs Canada Live14Wednesday 22 March19:00TSN 1 (Canada), JTBC (Korea), CCTV (China)
Norway vs Switzerland Live15Thursday 23 March9:00SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), CCTV (China)
Japan vs Korea Live15Thursday 23 March9:00NHK (Japan), JTBC (Korea), CCTV (China)
Sweden vs Scotland Live15Thursday 23 March9:00Kunskapskanal (Sweden), CCTV (China)
Canada vs Japan Live16Thursday 23 March14:00NHK (Japan), TSN 1/5 (Canada), CCTV (China)
Korea vs Sweden Live17Thursday 23 March19:00JTBC (Korea), SVT 24 (Sweden), CCTV (China)
Switzerland vs Denmark Live17Thursday 23 March19:00SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), CCTV (China)
Germany vs United States Live17Thursday 23 March19:00Eurosport, CCTV (China)
Japan vs Germany Live18Friday 24 March9:00NHK (Japan), CCTV (China)
Switzerland vs Scotland Live18Friday 24 March9:00SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), CCTV (China)
Türkiye vs Canada Live18Friday 24 March9:00TSN 1 (Canada), CCTV (China)
Denmark vs Canada Live19Friday 24 March14:00TSn 1/4 (Canada), CCTV (China)
Sweden vs Italy Live19Friday 24 March14:00SVT1 (Sweden), CCTV (China)
New Zealand vs Japan Live19Friday 24 March14:00NHK (Japan), CCTV (China)
Sweden vs Denmark Live20Friday 24 March19:00SVT play (Sweden), CCTV (China)
Norway vs Germany Live20Friday 24 March19:00Eurosport, CCTV (China)
Korea vs Switzerland Live20Friday 24 March19:00JTBC (Korea), SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), CCTV (China)
Qualification Game 1: 3rd v 6thSaturday 25 March10:00CCTV (China) and more to be confirmed
Qualification Game 2: 4th v 5thSaturday 25 March10:00CCTV (China) and more to be confirmed
Semi-final 1Saturday 25 March16:00Polsat (Poland), CCTV (China) and more to be confirmed
Semi-final 2Saturday 25 March16:00Polsat (Poland), CCTV (China) and more to be confirmed
Bronze medal gameSunday 26 March10:00TSN 1/3 (Canada), JTBC (Korea), SVT 1 (Sweden), SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), Polsat (Poland), CCTV (China)
Gold medal gameSunday 26 March15:00TSN 1/3/5 (Canada), JTBC (Korea), SVT 1 (Sweden), SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), Polsat (Poland), CCTV (China)

The World Women’s Curling Championship has become one of the most awaited international sporting events, and fans worldwide are eagerly looking forward to it. If you are a curling fan, it’s time for you to get access to the event.