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A New Dawn, A New Day

Welcome to FWRD AXIS News: a place to read about today’s top stories in entertainment, tech, world news, and everyday people.

One foot in front of the other

To those who have joined us here at FWRD AXIS News: THANK YOU. This is a fresh start, a new take on news and entertainment and we welcome you to join us as we traverse the world and tell stories about the people who live here. From the big news all the way across to the people who need to be heard, we aim to cover events across the spectrum and continue to evolve in this life with you, the reader.

“Future and Balance” is our mantra, our motto, our mission. We are progressive thinkers, doers, and planners. We thrive on innovation and thinking outside the box. These tools will aid in our execution of our goals as we march forward in the world of journalism.

With the experience of using critical thought, independent verification and fact-checking, passion for writing, and the drive to fight for the truth, FWRD AXIS News will always be a reputable source of information.

We will provide free information on this news website. Donations are optional, but are certainly most welcome to maintain sustainability and continued growth, spreading more good news stories to a wider audience.

We’re excited to embark on this journey!


D. S. Bradford created this news site to highlight events in entertainment, current events, politics, and human interest stories from around the world. He is an artist, musician, and web designer. Bradford has worked with top talent in music, and is currently working on projects involving augmented reality art and immersive experiences.

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