Greta Van Fleet Talks The Creative Process Behind “The Battle At Garden’s Gate” On New & Approved

Brothers Sam and Jake Kiszka of Greta Van Fleet stopped by “New & Approved” to talk with Matt Pinfield about their upcoming projects.

Greta Van Fleet’s latest album “The Battle At Garden’s Gate” takes listeners on a cinematic journey. The 2021 album fuses together numerous genres from progressive, psychedelic, to pure and raw rock music.

Sam and Jake go into detail about a few records from the album including “Heat Above,” “Built By Nations,” and “The Weight Of Dreams.”

The band worked with producer Greg Kurstin (who recently also worked with The Foo Fighters) to create the dynamic sound of the album. Greta Van Fleet also discusses the intensity of four straight years of touring and how the pandemic forced them to finally settle down and focus on other aspects of their musical career.

They decided to turn to writing, directing music videos, and recording during the COVID-19 lockdown to keep busy.

Sam and Jake talk about their greatest influences from the past and present who helped shape their current sound.

Greta Van Fleet will be playing songs from “The Battle At Garden’s Gate” live for the first time on their upcoming tour. They will be coming to Los Angeles on October 26th and 27th this year.

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