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Interview: Incubus Guitarist Mike Einziger Talks Mixhalo, Touring, & Tech

David Bradford talks with Mike Einziger, Incubus guitarist and founder of Mixhalo to discuss the band’s history and the future of technology.

Listen to this episode:

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CAMDEN, NJ (Fwrd Axis) — Summer is nearly over after a whirlwind of concerts and events are pretty much back in full swing. One tour that just started recently, however, is that of alternative rock band juggernauts Incubus. They are currently on tour with Sublime with Rome and The Aquadolls, keeping the rock and nostalgia alive for millions of concertgoers as we head into the Fall.

I was fortunate enough to catch up with guitarist Michael Einziger via Zoom while he awaited bus call to be shuttled to Freedom Mortgage Pavilion in Camden, New Jersey to play a show on Friday, August 5th.

Mike and I have spoken before and met at that very same venue five years ago, just as his startup – a networking company called Mixhalo – was getting off the ground. Back then, I was completely blown away by the idea of what this tech could do, but even more so by the fact that it actually worked!

Courtesy of Mixhalo Corp.

Fast forward to 2022. A lot has happened since 2017. The pandemic stopped everything in its tracks – concerts, sporting events, pretty much anything that was enjoyable in large groups of people. It stands to reason that kind of progress would be stunted by this sort of a shock to the system. This isn’t the case for Mixhalo, as the technology continuously improves and partnerships with teams, music artists, and venues continue to be announced.

Courtesy of LAFC/Mixhalo Corp.

There is real, positive growth and this is exciting to witness as an advocate for what they do and a fan of a band I heard very differently when I popped in headphones at the Incubus show the other night. The improvement was astounding and I’m very eager to see a wider adoption of this technology and service across venues, stadiums, movie theaters, and other events in the near future.

It isn’t just a “cool thing” that Mixhalo is doing.

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There are real-world use cases wherein people that experience real difficulty in the area of sound and sensitivity can benefit from what some might think is just a trivial novelty. It’s not. Mixhalo is solving problems everyday and the team and leadership of the company are poised to make Mixhalo a household name.

Einziger’s curiosity and forward thinking doesn’t stop at just his role in Incubus or Mixhalo. He is also the founder of a company called Versicolor Technologies. According to the company’s LinkedIn description, Versicolor Technologies is

“The first ever postbiotic therapeutic and cosmetic technology platform leveraging the human skin microbiome.”

What does that mean? Einziger explains in our first ever interview on Fwrd Axis Live.

In this episode, I sit down with Einziger to discuss the history of Incubus, the gift of time, technology, pharmacology, and how unlikelihoods that pave the way for success shape our lives and of those we encounter.

Incubus has come a long way since the members were teenagers playing house parties and small clubs in the Los Angeles area back in the 90s. Innovation and courage threaded the needle that fed their creative loom, producing songs that – to this day – still connect with millions all over the planet.

Courtesy of Christaan Felber

Einziger appreciates and values the rarity of people continuing to care in a world where our attention is being pulled and stretched in all directions. One thing is for certain, music fans will always remember how songs make them feel, myself included. What Incubus represents is special. The same applies for Einziger’s ventures outside of the band.

Innovation and courage are the attributes that can lead one to success. This is the story of talented artists using intelligence, intuition, and refusing to back down – rebellious in all the right ways.

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Watch the interview below or listen to the audio podcast above and learn more about what drives Michael Einziger.


Catch Incubus on tour with Sublime with Rome and The Aquadolls this summer and experience Mixhalo for yourself!

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