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Abortion Rights

Harris Blasts Trump On Abortion Rights On Second Anniversary Of Dobbs Decision

The Biden campaign views reproductive rights as critical to their chances at reelection.

COLLEGE PARK, MD. — Vice President Kamala Harris on Monday launched several attacks against former President Donald Trump on abortion rights on the second anniversary of the Supreme Court overruling Roe v. Wade.

Speaking at the University of Maryland, Harris said if Trump is elected president again, he would impose even harsher restrictions on women’s rights, including a nationwide ban on abortions and restrictions on contraception.

“His friends in the United States Congress are trying to pass a national ban that would outlaw abortion in every single state, in states like New York and California and even right here in Maryland,” Harris said.

Using her time as a prosecutor, Harris took a jab at Trump’s convictions while also saying the former president is also guilty of taking away women’s rights.

“Trump has not denied much less shown remorse for his actions. Instead, he quote, ‘proudly’ takes credit for overturning Roe,” she said. “My fellow Americans, in a court of law that would be called an admission in the case of the stealing of reproductive freedom from the women of America. Donald Trump is guilty.”

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden has been at Camp David since last Thursday, preparing for the first showdown with Trump later this week. According to sources, the President’s prep has included standing for full 90-minutes mock debates.

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Biden did take time to issue a statement on the Dobbs decision, reminding voters that Trump took responsibility for the Supreme Court’s ruling.

“Two years ago today, Donald Trump’s Supreme Court majority ripped away the fundamental freedom for women to access the health care they need and deserve,” Biden said in a statement.

“Donald Trump is the sole person responsible for this nightmare,” he added.

In a video posted to social media, Biden commented on Trump taking credit for the Roe v. Wade decision.

“We know what will happen if he gets another four. For MAGA Republicans, Roe is just the beginning,” Biden argued. “They’re going to try to ban the right to choose nationwide. They’re coming for IVF and birth control next.”

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