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‘The Challenge: USA’ Recap: Tempers Flare As Two Players Are Sent Home

Two players join a new team as tempers flare in the nominations.

The Challenge: USA continued on Sunday night with one player swapping teams and a twist that sent two more players home.

A swap: The episode picks up after Paulie’s elimination, where Bananas chose to join Team Blue and send Cory to the Red Team. This left Alyssa L. less than happy but Tori was happy her ally joined her.

Daily Challenge: Host T.J. Lavin returned to get the daily challenge started. The competition saw four players at a time will hang off the side of two double-stacker trucks They had to swing from side to side while placing team-colored stickers on the opposite truck.

Blue realized they had little chance to win, so they worked with Team Red to block Green from winning, causing a stir among Green team member Monte and Red’s Bananas. Red would win (really they were given the win) and be safe from elimination.

Nominations and Secret Vote: Tempers flared at the nominations after the girls wanted to target the vets, namely Wes and Amanda. However, Josh was not having it as he did what he could to protect the vets. After a lot of yelling and screaming, the Red team chose Luis and Desi as their nominees.

At the secret vote, Desi reveals she wants to go against Amanda but declines to share that information with Wes. T.J. reveals that Amanda had a whopping nine votes while Chris had six for the guys.

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The elimination: The players will compete in “Evil Eye”, which will see them start at the center of the Arena, holding onto a disc with the goal of knocking out their opponent to take away the disc. The men are up first and Chris comes out on top. Amanda puts up a fight, but Desi wins to send her home.

T.J. then asks Chris and Desi if they want to stay on their teams. Chris opts to stay on Team Blue but Desi defects to join Team Blue while sending Alyssa S. to the Green team.

The Challenge: USA continues on Thursday night at 10 pm ET on CBS and streams on Paramount+.

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