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‘Superman & Lois’ Recap: Jordan Steps Into Superman’s Shoes

(Fwrd Axis) — Tuesday night’s episode of Superman & Lois saw the Man of Steel trapped in the Bizzaro world and with the world missing its hero, Jordan stepped in and officially began the birth of Superboy in the process.

Tuesday’s episode kicked off with Superman following a newly freed Ally (looking at you, Lucy!) and looks to be stuck in the world if the end of the episode is anything to by. John Henry is out of the hospital and has been picking up the slack in Superman’s absence but Tuesday’s hour saw him and Natalie grieving his wife’s loss on the anniversary of her death.

While at Lana’s election headquarters, Jordan’s super hearing overheard a fire at a nearby building. He ended up saving Kyle from dying in the fire and John Henry showed up to put out the fire. Later, it was revealed the building on fire was holding some X-K. Lois and Sam investigated more with Jordan’s help but were caught.

Enter Jordan, who ended up truly showing Lois and Sam (even himself!) what his abilities are. He saved his family and thanks to Sam’s call with the DoD, the X-K site was shut down. However, Sam’s main concern is who was funding the X-K sites because it appears bigger than first thought.

Jordan’s heroics did not have him on a high for long. At the end of the episode, Sarah broke up with him due to his disappearing and his not being able to put her first. Due to his constant secrecy, she ended up returning his necklace but it remains to be seen what will happen between the two moving forward.

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Elsewhere in the hour:

  • Lana won the race for Mayor, so it will be interesting to see how the spotlight on her family will grow and her reaction to it all.
  • Sarah spent the majority of the hour helping her father re-adjust to life post-separation from Lana. He advised her to be with a guy who puts her first, hence her breaking up with Jordan.

Superman & Lois returns with new episodes on The CW on April 26 at 8/7c. 

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