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‘Superman & Lois’ Recap: The Connection In The Mines Is Made

The mysterious creature in the mine is ready to bust out.

(Fwrd Axis) – Superman & Lois continued this week with Clark’s head pain and visions getting worse that he sought help from an old foe while Jordan and Sarah’s relationship gets even more complicated.

The episode begins with Clark experiencing more visions of something getting destroyed and more head pain. He comes clean to Lois about it and knows he needs help figuring out what’s going on with him. He visits his imprisoned brother, Tal-Rho, who suggested that they go back to his fortress and talk to the hologram of their mother Lara Lor-Van.

Once there, Lara was happy to see her sons together but Tal-Rho doubled down on his feelings of being abandoned. With Jordan tagging along, Clark experienced more head pain and that left an opening for Tal-Rho to attempt to kill Jordan, but Lara stepped in to stop things. That proves that there’s still some good deep (WAY deep) down in Tal-Rho that may come to light soon.

Lara explained to Clark that his visions are interdimensional kinesthesis, triggered by someone, not something. Lois and John explain that they were down at the mines earlier and did some research, discovering the five times Clark had head pains were the five times the tremors began in the mines. And that something is going to break out of the mines in next week’s episode.

Elsewhere in the hour, Jordan and Sarah met Natalie, who seemed to impress Sarah. This just annoyed Jordan even more, leaving him wondering why his girlfriend was being so cold to him. She answers his question, telling him she kissed someone while she was away at camp – a girl named Aubrey. This crushed Jordan and these two appear to be going down the road to Splitsville.

Speaking of the Cushing family, Lana’s candidate for mayor dropped out of the race but after the support from Kyle – she’s throwing her hat in the ring and officially is running for office. Lois is getting more heat after her source planned to recant her story about a past investigation Lois did while at the Daily Planet. Who is it? Her sister!

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Superman & Lois airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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