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The Evolution Of iGaming Industry And The Casinos Behind It

The worldwide iGaming industry has been growing astoundingly. In 2020 the industry hit $64.13 billion. It may seem like iGaming is in its best form, but experts are projecting it to grow by 125.65 billion by 2025. This rapid growth is something that, for a good while, the industry needed to be more accustomed to. Tech developments in iGaming have made it possible for the gambling industry to become what it is today.

20 years ago, the term iGaming was not even coined yet though the first online wagering platforms had already hit the internet. The ordinary punter did not know about virtual casinos. Tech professionals were in the early stages of software development. Online casinos were hard to find, and gameplay was a shambles. Fast forward two decades later, and now you have casinos coming out of the woodwork every passing day. What have been the defining technologies that have brought us to this virtual casino boom we are witnessing? We look at the digital revolution that has fueled the growth of online casinos and the brands that led the charge.

The Adoption of Cashless Transactions

Cash ruled all kinds of gambling before virtual casinos came along. Players now have credit and debit cards, direct bank transfers, and, most recently, cryptocurrency to make payments. American Express, VISA, and MasterCard are some of the card payments that have made casinos more accessible to players. The introduction of eWallets made things even easier, giving players a first taste of instant transactions.

Cryptocurrency has answered all types of player concerns regarding payments at online casinos. From security to convenience and anonymity, digital currencies have fit snugly into the iGaming industry. With the banking aspect of online wagering taken care of, it is only natural that punters would feel much more comfortable playing online.

Smartphones and On-the-go Gaming

You had to lug your laptop with you everywhere to play online casinos. It was one of the reasons virtual gaming could not realize its full potential. Enter the smartphone, and the iGaming industry received a well-deserved boost. In 2007, Apple ushered in the rise of the smartphone with the launch of the first iPhone. Research shows that 78% of the world will have access to a smartphone by 2020. Players now embrace smartphone games playing more on their hand-held devices than they do on PC.

The convenience of playing from wherever you are has made smartphone gaming a popular choice for most online gamers. Smartphones have also become a dependable way to live stream different sporting events from your favorite sites. Better operating systems, bigger screens, and better connections are some of the features of smartphones that have made them a suitable substitute for bulky laptop PCs.

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3D Animation on Slots

Slots are often the go-to type of game for most players that come online. The graphic and audio qualities of such games bring any casino to life. Virtual slots have kept up with software advancements so that you have much more captivating games now than you did five years ago. Software providers are now incorporating 3D technology into slots. Impressive graphics increase the entertainment value of slots, giving them a video game feel.

Slots now have cinematic interludes triggered when you hit winning combinations. Features like these bring out different themes and give different slot titles a distinction they did not have before. They also make the game feel more like an adventure and less like repetitive button pressing. This has worked to win over players who would not consider playing online.

Casinos Blazing the Trail

The marvels of modern technology have made online gambling into the thriving industry it is today. While tech developments have been received well, we must acknowledge the casino brands bold enough to introduce these new developments to players. Casinos that have blazed the trail for the iGaming industry have managed to get through legislation pushing them away. Through the continuous delivery of online wagering, sites like these have gained respect and a hallowed place among online punters.

Jackpot City Casino

Jackpot City is one of the first casinos to hit the online wagering industry, launching in 1998. Over the years, the casino has established itself as a dependable site with amazing offers. Being one of the first casinos for online players, Jackpot City Casino has had to move with the times to keep its allure. The site’s evolution over the years is a prime example of how to stay at the top of the game in the choppy waters of online gambling.

During its operation, the casino has introduced players to many novel ideas. The huge progressive jackpot always running at the casino was among the first jackpot rewards of its kind launched on an online casino. The full gamut of banking options at the casino is yet another first Jackpot City brought to players. The casino is loved for its wide collection of slots and virtual tables that offer high-quality gaming from some of the notable software providers for online casinos. Jackpot City Casino is one of the sites that have managed to stay afloat in a highly competitive gambling market thanks to its constant evolution and reinvention. A comprehensive overview of this casino will provide you with insight into why it is a popular choice, and will serve as a guide to steer you towards the best offers provided by this casino operator.

LeoVegas Casino

LeoVegas is a casino founded in 2012 with a big reputation among online players. Billed as the best mobile casino, LeoVegas knows just how to get online punters interested in its wagering products. With LeoVegas, players have seen everything new that comes with online wagering.

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The casino has always unleashed new and exclusive titles to players when it comes to the best online games. This, coupled with the excellent mobile gaming platform the casino comes with, is enough to get players excited. Here players get over 900 games with 64 live tables to choose from. You also get live streams that let you watch all kinds of sporting events and be part of the action. Features like these are why the casino has been winning accolades over the years. LeoVegas also excels in player rewards, as you get the highest-paying progressive jackpots at the casino and lucrative rewards.

888 Casino

888 Casino, just as Jackpot City Casino, is one of the long-standing trusted brands for online punters. Starting as a UK-focused platform, the casino has gone on to attract patronage on a global scale. With years of experience under its belt, the casino is one of the first choices for most players just getting introduced to online wagering. With over 2,000 games to choose from and a fun and interactive interface, the casino is perfect for all your online wagering needs.

Launched in 1997, the brand came online in 2001. 888 Casino has been part of the vanguard that has seen the iGaming industry advance into new ways of playing. It was the first brand to create a dedicated poker room for online players. It is also one of the first casinos to introduce no-deposit bonus rewards for players that sign up. Over the years, 888 Casino has managed to stay on top of the game by adopting new technologies and excellent customer service, one of its most praised qualities on online forums.

What Next for iGaming

The online wagering industry is set for more developments. With virtual reality and metaverse gaming taking a foothold on the online gaming scene, the future promises excitement and action-packed gaming. Roblox leads the pack with 230 million users on its metaverse. We also have to consider the new way of playing, where in-game purchases can be regarded as assets for players. While many of the technologies of the future are still in the developing stages, projections show a lot of thrilling additions to your normal gaming experience.


Online gaming is an ever-changing industry where new technologies are soon rendered unusable. Online punters find themselves in an exciting time when the transition from the old way of gaming into the new era occurs. Fans of online gaming have only to watch out for new gaming technologies even as they become accustomed to the current ilk of advancements.

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