51 Migrants Found Dead In Back Of 18-Wheeler In San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO (Fwrd Axis) — At least 51 migrants were found dead inside the back of a big-rig truck in San Antonio, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said late Monday night.

The truck was discovered late Monday afternoon in southwest San Antonio near the railroad tracks. According to the National Weather Service, the temperatures were as high as 101 degrees, likely making the heat a contributing factor, if not the main factor, in the deaths.

San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood said 16 were transported to local hospitals, including 12 adults and four children.

“We’re not supposed to open up a truck and see stacks of bodies in there,” Hood said.

San Antonio Police Chief William P. McManus confirmed that three people have been taken into custody. He added that Homeland Security Investigations has taken over the case and will now look into how the individuals died.

The dead include 39 males and 12 females, Bexar County officials said at an afternoon news conference.

“Potentially some of them are under the age of 18,” Tom Peine, the assistant public information officer for the county manager’s office said. “These are potentially people under 18 — I would say in the teenage age range, not younger.”

Abbott tweeted the news and quickly blamed the deaths on President Joe Biden, saying his immigration policies were failing.

“This is a result of his deadly open border policies,” Abbott tweeted. “They show the deadly consequences of his refusal to enforce the law.”

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed Tuesday that 22 of the dead were Mexican nationals, while seven were from Guatemala and two from Honduras.

President Joe Biden released a statement, saying the loss of life is heartbreaking while saying an investigation is underway.

“The tragic loss of life in San Antonio, Texas that took place yesterday is horrifying and heartbreaking,” he said. “Our prayers are with those who lost their lives, their loved ones, as well as those still fighting for their lives. As always, I am grateful for the swift work of all of the Federal, state, and local first responders.”

“While we are still learning all the facts about what happened and the Department of Homeland Security has the lead for the investigation, initial reports are that this tragedy was caused by smugglers or human traffickers who have no regard for the lives they endanger and exploit to make a profit,” he added.

This is the second time a truck full of migrants has been found in San Antonio. Back in 2017, 10 migrants died packed truck carrying 39 people at a Walmart parking lot. The driver, James Mathew Bradley Jr., pleaded guilty to conspiracy and transporting the migrants.

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