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‘AGT: Fantasy League’ Premiere Recap: The Judges Begin Battle

The judges mentored returning contestants for the first time in show history.

AGT: Fantasy League, the latest installment spinoff in the America’s Got Talent franchise, premiered Monday as the judges mentored returning contestants and placed them on their team to do battle for the first time in show history.

Judges Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell were joined by returning judge Mel B as each judge picked 10 acts for their own personal teams to mentor them throughout the competition.

Here is a recap of the first 10 acts of the season as well as the result:

Kristy Sellers (Team Howie)

Kristy Sellers returned after narrowly missing out on the victory in 2022 in America and winning Australia’s Got Talent. She was selected by Howie to be on his team.

For her return, she performed a routine with new tricks and really impacted the audience. Simon and Mel B thought she was at her best but will the studio audience agree?

Jon Dorenbos (Team Mel B)

Fan favorite magician Jon Dorenbos returned after coming in third place in Season 11. Since then, he has returned for AGT Champions and traveled the world for motivational speaking.

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In his performance, he used a simple card trick but made use of wine glasses for his trick that was really well done. It was not his best performance but overall very well done.

Hans (Team Heidi)

German singer Hans was next to take the stage. He performed Elton John’s “The Bitch Is Back”. It was very Heidi but I just cannot see this act making it into the semifinals.

Kseniya Simonova (Team Howie)

The sand artist returned for an emotional performance about following your dreams. She told the story of her son and how he went to space and returned. While the performance was long, it was beautifully done.

Mel B said she had a hard time following the performance but Kseniya gave herself a solid chance to advance.

V. Unbeatable (Team Howie)

One of the best acts in AGT history returned to the stage with a new trick. Howie said while the act is good, they need something to wow the audience even more.

The dance act put together another stellar performance with the use of motorcycles and easily put together the best performance of the night thus far.

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Maria Seiren (Team Mel B)

The winner of Japan’s Got Talent took the stage in America for the first time with a unique performance of “Time To Say Goodbye” using both two different versions of their voice, male and female.

The performance felt a bit flat but overall we’ve seen better. It will be interesting to see if it touched the studio audience.

Billy and Emily England (Team Simon)

The brother and sister pair returned for another go. Simon mentoring the group told them they needed to do something to step up their game and wow the audience if they wanted to advance.

The duo worked on their platform, spinning at high speed. However, this time they added fire spikes to their shoes, popping balloons as they spun around.

Mel B was so impressed, she hit her golden buzzer to send Billy and Emily into the finals as well as stealing them for her team from Simon.

Tape Face (Team Mel B)

The fan favorite comedian from Season 11 returned to do his usual routine that has landed him a show in Las Vegas. He returned by using Simon as his assistant, prompting laughs from both the judges and audience.

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Tape Face proved why he is so successful in Las Vegas with that performance.

Shadow Ace (Team Howie)

One of the favorite and surprising acts from Season 18 was Shadow Ace. This time, they used Howie’s head as a prop for his act and it worked flawlessly as he wowed the room and got a standing ovation from the judges.

Kodi Lee (Team Simon)

The final act of the night belonged to Season 14 winner, Kodi Lee. Simon mentored him as he got him to sing an original song, telling him to own it. That’s exactly what happened as Kodi brought the house down.

While it was not all Kodi, he managed to showcase himself as an artist and earned massive praise from the audience.

The Results

Host Terry Crews returned with the results. He revealed that V. Unbeatable, Kodi Lee, Shadow Ace, Kseniya Simonova, and Kristy Sellars all advanced to the semifinals while Billy and Emily England advanced into the finals with Mel B’s golden buzzer.

AGT: Fantasy League airs Mondays on NBC at 8/7c and streams on Peacock.

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