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Biden Says U.S. Would Respond Militarily If China Attacks Taiwan

The words are the strongest to date that Biden has used when discussing China.

TOKYO (Fwrd Axis) — President Joe Biden on Monday said the U.S. military would intervene to defend Taiwan from China’s aggression, using some of his strongest words to date as he continues his first trip to Asia since taking office to discourage Beijing from launching an invasion.

Speaking at a news conference in Tokyo following his meeting with Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, Biden was asked if he would consider getting involved militarily against China since he declined to do so in Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine.

“Yes,” he answered. “My expectation is it will not happen, it will not be attempted. “They’re already flirting with danger right now by flying so close and all the maneuvers that are undertaken.”

The words are the strongest to date that Biden has used when discussing China and comes just before his planned launch of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, a new trade deal his administration has worked on to showcase the Unite States’ dedication to the economic sphere.

A White House official attempted to clarify Biden’s comments, saying the United States getting involved militarily to defend Taiwan is not a departure from long-standing U.S. policy.

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“As the President said, our policy has not changed. He reiterated our One China Policy and our commitment to peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait,” the official said. “He also reiterated our commitment under the Taiwan Relations Act to provide Taiwan with the military means to defend itself.”

This is not the first time Biden’s comments regarding China have caused confusion. Last year during a CNN town hall, the President said the U.S. would come to Taiwan’s defense if China attacked but his aides later walked back those comments.

Biden promised “concrete benefits” from the Indo-Pacific trade framework and attempted to calm worried Americans when it comes to high inflation, saying he does not believe an economic recession is inevitable in the U.S.

“This is going to be a haul. This is going to take some time,” he said. “Now, does that mean we don’t have problems We do. We have problems that the rest of the world has, but less consequential than the rest of the world has because of our internal growth and strength.”

With gas prices at an all-time high and inflation causing a spike in prices, the President said he would continue to work with Middle Eastern countries to boost oil supply and argued his stalled economic agenda, which includes child care and family care costs, would lower inflation.

Biden said the “50 presidents” in the Senate have stalled his agenda, referring to the moderate Democrats who are reluctant to approve more spending.

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Michael reported from the United States.

Stephen Anderson
Written By

Stephen Michael is a Political Correspondent based in the United States. He has reached a global audience with his coverage of the 2020 Election and Trump White House. Michael joins Forward Axis News after spending time with the Project Spurs Network since 2014 and covering reality TV in the UK, Australia, and Canada.

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