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‘Big Brother’ 23 Recap: Kyland’s Reign Begins As A New Twist Is Revealed

Will a new twist throw a wrench in Kyland’s HOH this week?

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Big Brother continued on Sunday night with a new twist being revealed to the houseguests and Kyland winning the Head of Household (HOH) competition despite not wanting to.

Sunday’s episode kicks off right at the start of the HOH competition. Right away, Kyland says in the Diary Room he doesn’t want to win it. For this competition, the houseguests will have to listen closely to a song and guess which competition it is describing by buzzing in. If you’re right, you continue on but if you are wrong, you are eliminated.

Britini and Claire are up first with Britni winning the round. Britini decides to pick Sarah Beth and Kyland in order to eliminate an obvious pair that are working together. Sarah Beth is out next and this process continues until Tiffany and Kyland are the last two standing. Tiffany tells Kyland she wants to win to see photos of her family, so he agrees to throw it to her. However, Tiffany answers wrong, giving Kyland the HOH win anyway.

With Kyland in power, the cookout is safe for another week. However, cracks begin to appear when Azah is upset that Kyland for not throwing the HOH to her. Tiffany is upset with herself for not knowing the answer and Kyland winning because he will protect Sarah Beth, whom she is trying to get out.

Kyland begins meeting with the house to figure out what he wants to do. During his meeting with Claire, she names three members of the cookout, and that gives him an easy decision to nominate her. As for the other nominee, Derek F decides to throw himself up as a pawn to keep the heat off the cookout alliance.

At the nomination ceremony, Kyland nominates Derek F and Claire.

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However, a new twist called the “BB High Roller” could throw a wrench into those plans. The houseguests are told for the price of 50 BB Bucks they have a shot to win a second veto by correctly guessing the player who will win the Power of Veto competition this week.

Claire, Sarah Beth, Azah, Kyland, and Alyssa all got 50 BB Bucks. The viewers voted for Britini, Derek F., and Derek X to get 100 BB bucks while Tiffany, Hannah, and Xavier got 75 BB Bucks.

Sarah Beth, Claire, Kyland, Tiffany, and Derek F. all decided to play. Everyone but Tiffany earned points, so those four will be able to place a bet to win a second veto to use this week.

Will there be a second veto in play? Find out when Big Brother continues on Wednesday night at 8/7c on CBS and streaming on Paramount+

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