‘Big Brother Australia’ Recap: Some New And Familiar Faces Begin The Game

(Fwrd Axis) — The highly anticipated season of Big Brother Australia 2022 kicked off Monday night with four members of Big Brother royalty returning to the game to compete with 11 brand new housemates but a massive twist would shock the newbies before the night was over.

The night kicked off with Big Brother Australia legends Reggie Bird, Tim Dormer, Estelle Landy, and “Farmer Dave” all returning to play a brand new game. Once inside, Big Brother informed the OGs that they were being set on a secret mission to go undetected by the new arrivals and if they succeed, they would be safe from the first eviction.

One by one, the new housemates entered the house. Tim and Dave hid in the pantry while Estelle and Reggie hid outside. Once all 11 newbies were in, they toasted to the season outside looking at the fireworks, giving the OGs the chance to escape to a secret room. Once in the room, the OGs earned safety and the power to control the new housemates.

One of the new housemates, Sam, realized she saw someone familiar in the house upon entering.

“Like what the actual Big Brother? Sam asked. “Okay, I was prepared for the unexpected, but that was not something I was prepared for.”

She knows Josh and to hear him tell it, it sounds like they dated in the past.

“He was my first Tinder date six years ago, it didn’t really end that well,” Sam confessed.

Reggie, Tim, Dave, and Estelle heard the conversation in the secret room and decided to use an ice breaker game to expose the pair. Each new housemate would be taken out to the garden and would sit on a diving board hovering over the pool filled with ice. If they answered to the OG’s liking, they wouldn’t get dunked. If they didn’t, they go straight onto the cold water.

“Sam, have you enjoyed getting to know your housemates… for the first time?” Dave as Big Brother asked.

When Sam hesitated to say yes, it became clear to the other housemates that she had met one of them before.

It was then time for the nominations challenge. For the first challenge of the season, the housemates had to balance on a pole high in the air while releasing discs. Once all five discs were released, they had to balance them and put them up in their holders. The first housemate to put all five discs in the holders would win.

Josh truly struggled in the challenge but Joel coasted to the win. Luckily for Josh, he was in an alliance with Joel and felt he’d keep his word. Joel targeted Lulu, Mel, and Aleisha. His main goal was to keep the alliance he made with the boys safe.

Lulu did not take the news of going up well, crying in the Diary Room to Big Brother. The all-seeing eye comforts her and gives her advice. Host Sonia Kruger returns to get the eviction proceedings started but has news for the housemates. She reveals the OGs in the mainframe and tells them they must vote to either cancel the eviction or allow it to go forward.

In the end, the OGs cancel the eviction, meaning the ladies are safe. The OGs join the new housemates and the game is truly on now but Josh is not happy because he called out his fellow housemates just 24 hours into the game.

Tuesday night will see more OGs enter the game: Drew, Trevor, and Layla. And Sam has her eye on Drew and goes in for a kiss.

Big Brother Australia airs Monday-Thursday at 7:30 on Channel 7 and 7 Plus.

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