‘Big Brother’ Fans Blast CBS For ‘Protecting’ Houseguest Kyle Capener Amid Racism Allegations

Fans have called out CBS and the production company for hiding Kyle’s actions, leading to #StopProtectingKyle trending on Twitter. 

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(Fwrd Axis) — Big Brother fans are blasting CBS for protecting houseguest Kyle Capener amid allegations of racism over his repeated attempts to divide his fellow housemates by race in recent weeks.

Capener has been the subject of criticism by fans over the past few weeks after he was seen on the live feeds talking with fellow housemate Michael Bruner on August 5 about forming an alliance with Michael, Brittany Hoopes, Matthew Turner, and his showmance Alyssa Snider — all white cast members.

What has fans seething is that Kyle grouped the POC houseguests, suggesting they are all in an alliance similar to the Cookout from Big Brother 23.

“I would not mind if Daniel goes. He has not been someone that I’ve trusted in this game,” Kyle said. “But that possibility of those six with that background, I mean, it looks very similar to the Cookout with a very diverse background. They’ve all expressed why they’re in this game. Joseph, more Middle Eastern representation in TV. Indy, there’s never been a Brazilian contestant or winner.

Everyone has those strong ‘why’s’ that all coincide. I look at our alliance and it’s like, it was great because it was based out of necessity and our backs were against the wall and that’s what brought us together. Take away that necessity or the fear of a bigger alliance out there … I don’t know. That’s my biggest fear right now.”

Capener wanting to form an alliance with Alyssa, Turner, Brittany, and Michael would mean it is an all-white alliance, leaving them going after the minority housemates. Fans responded at the time with anger, leading to “Kyle” “KKKyle” and “Cookout” all trending topics on social media in the United States.

The 30-year-old TikToker recently got in hot water with fans once again after attempting to form an alliance with Michael, Brittany, Turner, and Alyssa to target the housemates of color in Taylor Hale, Monte Taylor, or Joseph Abdin.

“If you guys can stick up for me, I don’t use the veto, the Leftovers think everything is fine, they don’t think we are on to anything that they were doing,” Capener says.

In Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother, Head of Household Taylor said repeatedly she would not nominate a fellow Black woman for eviction, saying morally she can’t do it.

“That’s not the game I came here to play,” Hale said in the Diary Room.

Meanwhile, Capener’s comments about creating an alliance with all white members of the cast has not been shown, with fans calling on CBS to bring his gameplay and actions to light. On the live feeds, the cameras have cut away anytime Capener mentions the alliance in conversation.

On Tuesday, Capener appears to have been tipped off by production regarding his actions, commenting to the cameras he hopes he has not offended anyone on the outside. Meanwhile, in a conversation with Kyle, Brittany said he cannot assume a Cookout scenario is happening now.

“We need to be careful how we consider this,” she said. I know you and I are not doing this for what it may look like. We don’t want a scenario where it is Taylor, Monte, and Jasmine on one side and you, me, Alyssa on the other.”

Fans have blasted Michael and Brittany along with Kyle in recent days for considering Kyle’s offer and have called out CBS and the production company for hiding Capener’s actions, leading to #StopProtectingKyle trending on Twitter.

Fans feel showing Hale’s comments but excluding Capener’s comments from the feeds and the broadcast is an attempt to downplay his actions and comments while inside the house.

The news is just the latest scandal to hit the Big Brother house this season. Last month, the show made headlines when fans called out the housemates for bullying Taylor Hale, an African American woman who had been ostracized from the house by her fellow housemates.

Hale, a former pageant queen, had been the target of Paloma Aguilar and other houseguests. Hale has been repeatedly referred to as “aggressive” and others have said they fear she will have a tantrum if she doesn’t get her away.

Host Julie Chen Moonves responded to the accusations in a series of interviews, calling out the toxicity of Big Brother fans.

“Microaggressions are real and they happen. I don’t think most people when they are committing it, that they are even aware of what they’re doing. I think that with the live feeds it is easy,” Chen said. “I think what we need to do is ask ourselves, ‘Who am I — who is anyone — to judge somebody else?’”

“We haven’t been in that pressure cooker situation. And a lot of times when someone is feeling insecure about themselves, or seeing another individual as a threat to their game, that’s when you see classic ‘Big Brother’ ‘I’m going to trash talk someone behind his or her back,’” she added.

Big Brother continues Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS and streams on Paramount+.

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