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‘Big Brother’ Recap: The Leftovers Pull Off The Blindside

Hale became a key cog in the Leftovers alliance that would blindside the house to send Ameerah Jones packing.

(Fwrd Axis) — Well, it took three weeks but Season 24 of Big Brother finally got interesting on Thursday night thanks to an epic blindside.

For 23 days, Big Brother has been pretty boring and at times hard to watch all due to the bullying and treatment of houseguest Taylor Hale for no real reason. That all changed Thursday when Hale became a key cog in the Leftovers alliance that would blindside the house to send Ameerah Jones packing.

The episode picked up with the Power of Veto meeting. The Leftovers consisting of Turner, Monte, Kyle, Joseph, Brittany, Taylor, and Michael knew what was going down but it was Turner’s speech that took everyone by surprise. As expected, Michael and Brittany removed themselves from the block and Turner replaced them with Ameerah and Terrance.

Turner took the moment to call out his housemates for bullying Taylor, saying he was not going to be piling on her as everyone else has. This left Taylor in happy tears while Ameerah was confused because she claims to always stand up for Taylor. (Well, the feeds say different but okay.)

Later, Ameerah walks outside to see the entire Leftovers alliance talking but when she reports back to Nicole and Daniel, she dismisses it as general chit-chat.

“I can’t imagine any of them talking game,” Daniel says.

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The Leftovers played this blindside perfectly. Nicole is so sure that Terrance is leaving that she confesses she was a cop for 10 years and can spot liars. (Apparently not?)

Host Julie Chen Moonves returns to get the eviction proceedings started. All six members of the Leftovers alliance vote Ameerah out and so does Daniel, who thinks he’s throwing Terrance a sympathy vote. In the end, Ameerah is evicted on a 7-4 vote.

“It’s OK. You got me,” she said as she was evicted.

Julie announces Terrance with no bestie left in the game will get to join a new pair. He decides to join the boys and is now with Monte and Joseph. Julie explains that if one of the boys wins HoH or Veto, they are safe. However, if they are nominated then all three face eviction.

It was then time for the Head of Household competition, which will be played in phases. Part one will see eight players advance after finding red party invitations in a sea of envelopes raining down on them like something out of the Harry Potter movies. As the show ended, Jasmine and Brittany secured their spots in the next round.

Big Brother continues Sunday at 8/7c on CBS and streams on Paramount+.

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