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‘Big Brother’ Season 24 Premiere Recap: Let Summer Begin!

Wednesday night saw the 24th season officially kick off a three-month power struggle as 16 new houseguests began the battle to win $750,000.

(Fwrd Axis) – It isn’t summer without Big Brother and Wednesday night saw the 24th season officially kick off a three-month power struggle as 16 new houseguests began the battle to win $750,000.

Host Julie Chen Moonves started Big Brother 24 off by inviting the first four houseguests to the game. Each had to select a card and use it at the BBFest table. Jasmine, Kyle, Paloma, and Monte all were put at the Porta Potty stands.

The next four to enter the game were Alyssa, Daniel, Taylor, and Michael. They chose their tickets, which saw Michael, Alyssa, and Daniel get placed at the merch table. Taylor was at the piercing table.

The penultimate group saw Nicole, Brittany, Turner, and Joseph enter. They close their BBFest ticket and Brittany, Turner, and Joseph go to the piercing table while Nicole goes to the porta-potty.

The final group saw Pooch, Ameerah, Terrence, and Indy enter. Pooch drew the “backstage boss” pass, which saw him not play in the competitions. Meanwhile, Indy and Ameerah went to the merch table while Terrence went to the piercing table.

Over a series of competitions, Turner, Monte, and Daniel all advanced to the final round to see who would be the first Head of Household of the season. The three guys must assemble a large drum kit puzzle and if this seems like it is up Daniel’s wheelhouse, it is! He is a traveling musician, so he easily puts the fake drum set together to take home the first HoH of the season.

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However, Daniel isn’t the only one with power this week. Julie drops a twist by telling the houseguests that Pooch will not play in any competitions and he won’t be able to vote during the eviction ceremony, but he is safe for the entire week. It doesn’t stop there as he must select three players to go “backstage” with him. Those three players will also not play in the competitions or be able to vote on eviction night. But they do have the chance to be put up for eviction.

After much debate, Pooch decides the only fair thing to do is to choose two players who were eliminated first from the previous competitions. So he decides on Paloma, Alyssa, and Brittany. There’s even bigger news when Julie announces to the viewers at home they will vote to keep one of the three women safe for the week as well.

Big Brother continues Sunday at 8/7c on CBS and streams on Paramount+. 

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