‘Big Brother VIP’ Recap: The General’s Plan Backfires As Danny Is Sent Packing

Danny set his eyes on Bernie but the house set their eyes on getting the late-arriving VIP out of the game first.

Big Brother VIP continued on Tuesday night with Danny setting his eyes on Bernie but the house set their eyes on getting the late-arriving VIP out of the game before he made his move. 

The episode kicked off with Caitlyn deciding to give the gift of immunity to Ellie before she departed Big Brother’s hotel. Ellie is grateful for Caitlyn giving her immunity when she spoke to Big Brother in the Diary Room shortly after. 

Meanwhile, Danny was working overtime to ensure he is not next on the chopping block, saying he is an easy target due to playing the game last season and arriving late. He tried to get on the good side of the VIPs by playing nice but he secretly had his eyes on getting Bernie out of the game. 

For the house task, the VIPs had to transport balls using their mouths in order to win food for the group. In the end, the group won sushi, ice cream, chocolate, and burgers, and spices to eat after being on rations for a week. 

Danny’s antics saw his fellow VIP housemates turn on him and want him out of the game. Bernie overheard Danny talking to Luke and thus tried to get Luke and Ellie to get Danny out if one of them wins the nominations challenge. 

For the challenge, the VIPs had to hang on to their cash bag and not drop. After a certain amount of time, Big Brother would lower the VIPs, making the challenge that much more difficult. In the end, it came down to Bernie and Danny but Bernie’s determination was enough to get him the win.

As expected, Bernie nominated Danny along with Thomas for being an outsider and Josh for being too nice. Danny’s position in the house was clear and he made it clear to Big Brother in the Diary Room that he knew he was going home. He got to work with Luke, attempting to cause a massive blindside in the game. 

Danny’s plan was to try and put votes on Thomas since he knows it will be between those two VIPs to go. He attempted to work his magic to get the votes prior to the eviction despite pissing off most of the house along the way.

Host Sonia Kruger returned to get the eviction proceedings started. Bernie gave Danny props for doing well in the challenge but when asked about house dynamics if he leaves, the self-proclaimed “best ever” houseguest took the chance to slam the VIPs again, saying things will get predictable if he’s evicted.

After all the VIPs voted, Sonia returned with the results. She revealed Danny was evicted after getting four votes to evict while Thomas and Josh had two each. 

“I’m disappointed because I don’t like to lose,” Danny said after his eviction. “I believe if I would have survived tonight, I would have gone farther in the game. Maybe reached the podium this time.”

Big Brother VIP continues Wednesday night at 7.30 PM on Channel Seven.

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