‘Superman & Lois’ Season 2 Trailer Reveals Trouble For The Man Of Steel

The new trailer shows exactly how Ian Bohen’s character will be causing havoc.

(Fwrd Axis) — Superman is facing trouble both at home and in his job saving the world in the newly released trailer for the second season of Superman & Lois.

The CW dropped the Season 2 trailer for superhero drama on Tuesday night and it shows exactly how Teen Wolf vet Ian Bohen’s character will be causing havoc for Superman. Bohen plays Lt. Mitch Anderson, the Department of Defense’s “new sheriff in town” who wants Superman to declare his allegiance to America only.

However, the Man of Steel fights back, saying he’s already declared his allegiance to the entire world.

Meanwhile, Clark is having trouble at home with Lois. She’s not herself and her superhero husband has taken notice.

“Things haven’t been OK for months, and I’ve been blaming you,” Lois tearfully tells her husband.

Elsewhere in the trailer, Natalie isn’t happy with her father flying around the world with Superman.

Superman & Lois premieres Season 2 on January 11 on the CW.

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