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‘The Challenge USA’ Recap: Team Big Brother Takes The First Blow

(Fwrd Axis) — The Challenge USA continued on Wednesday night with the teams being shuffled and one alliance taking the first hit of the season in an epic elimination challenge.

The episode kicks off with host T.J. Lavin revealing how the Algorithm twist will work. Each week, the teams will be shuffled and your teammate can either be your greatest ally or biggest downfall. For the first reshuffle, Love Island exes Cinco and Cashay are matched up by the Algorithm (aka production).

Shan, Sarah, and others talk about not trusting Tiffany, who they view as the head of the Big Brother alliance, and oh yeah, she’s been flirting with Cinco all episode to get in with the Love Island crew. Alyssa knows how much of a strategic mastermind Tiffany was on Big Brother 23 and is advocating to get a member of her own alliance out.

For this week’s daily challenge, teams had to climb up a ladder to jump on rotating tires to grab letters to spell as many words as possible in 20 minutes. James takes a big fall, which leads him and Cayla to not spell any words, sending them straight into elimination.

Tyson and Justine make nine words to win the daily and bank $5,000 for their personal challenge accounts. The win is the second for Tyson, who is starting to look like a true threat in the game. James and Cayla have a conversation with Tyson and Justine about wanting to go against Tiffany to break up the BB alliance. Tyson tells Enzo/Alyssa and Azah/Xavier they could be in the firing line as well.

The elimination

This leads Alyssa and Xavier to blindside Tiffany, promising Tyson safety if they win a challenge in the future. T.J. returns for the elimination and asks who will be facing James and Cayla, Tyson confirms it would be Tiffany and Cashel, shocking them in the process.

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For the elimination, the teams had to pedal on a stationary bike to power up three sets of symbols and memorize them. The first team to correctly put three different puzzles together wins the challenge. Tiffany really struggled in the bike portion, which would be the downfall for her and Cashel as they were eliminated.

The Challenge USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS and streams on Paramount+.

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