‘The Circle’ Season 3 Premiere Recap: Big Twist Shakes Up The Game

In a game where anyone can be anyone, what will the players do to win the cash?

ALERT! The third season of The Circle dropped on Netflix Wednesday as the first eight players moved into the apartments in Salford for a chance to win $100,000. In a game where anyone can be anyone, what will the players do to win the cash?

The season kicks off with eight new players moving into the apartments. The Circle wants the players to get to know each other, introducing an ice-breaker game with questions. Michelle starts some drama by answering she does not let her dog kiss her mouth. Before anyone truly gets a chance to know each other, it’s time for the first ratings.

Kai the top spot and making her The Circle’s first sole Influencer of the season. She is convinced she’s right about a catfish, sending Ava and her sister, Chanel, packing. However, in a twist from the UK version, the pair did not go home. Instead, they are given a second chance in the game — by cloning a player and stealing their identity.

They chose Michelle since they believe she is an easy target. For the next 24 hours, the players were confused by Orange Michelle (real Michelle) and the catfish Blue Michelle. Unfortunately, after the 24 hours were up, the players had to vote on who they thought was the real player. Sadly, Michelle could not convince the other players she was real and was blocked.

Before Michelle got the chance to leave, she got the chance to meet one player face to face. She chose to see Ava and Chanel and their conversation is super intense. Due to Michelle getting blocked, Ava and Chanel earned their place back in the game. Only this time, they will continue to play as Michelle.

Two new players are introduced into the game: Sophia, playing as Isabella, and Rachel, playing as Jackson. The two newbies mesh well for the first time thanks to a game. They cannot be rated but can rate other players when it comes time for the second rating. As the episode ends we have Ruksana in the first place, Kai second, Nick third, Daniel fourth, Ashley and Calvin tied for fifth place, and Michelle last. Kai is influencer for the second time along with Ruksana.

The Circle streams Wednesdays at 12 AM PDT on Netflix.

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