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The Get Right Band’s Album ‘Itchy Soul’ – A Diversified Journey Of Self-Reflection

The Get Right Band, a power trio from Asheville, NC, are set to release their fifth album, ‘Itchy Soul,’ on May 23, 2020.

With so many things going wrong in the world currently, we need some right. The Get Right Band sparks the feeling of hope and all-around good vibes through catchy, well-crafted songs and thoughtful lyrics, presented in a deceptively intricate way. The Asheville, NC power trio is seasoned; a talented group of musicians that stand out individually and are unified, all at once. The attention to every nuance of their craft is abundantly clear in their newest effort, Itchy Soul out May 23rd.

The band’s first single from the record is “Wired,” the opening track, and gives a sense of a perpetual crescendo into a tale told through soundwaves, climbing out of a darkness and into the world that they’ve created with their atmospheric tonality and intention. Watch the official music video for the single below.

The title track comes next. “Itchy Soul” has a driving feel to it, with almost a subsonic energy that pushes the listener and motivates in such a way. It also helps that the song itself is infectious and the “Hey, hey, hey, hey!” bits in the chorus give that sense of empowerment. It’s positive energy and we love it!

Throughout the 14-track album, as with life, there are ups and downs. A sidewinding adventure of surprise and happiness, coupled with quiet moments of introspection. There’s not a bad song in the collection. With the fusion of blues, rock, funk, psychedelic, among other muses, they have managed to carefully tune into their inner souls to really produce music that gets us moving and has enough depth to really make us sit back and think differently about things.

The Get Right Band have carved out a path for themselves. They are unique, bold, and interesting. The choices they’ve made with the arrangements and with their overall sound show a great deal of hard work and energy with regards to the expressive voice that carries through the universe. They aren’t merely here for entertainment. The Get Right Band has made a beautiful statement with Itchy Soul. The album is refreshing, well-executed, and forward-thinking.  

More information about The Get Right Band can be found via the links below. 

You can also join the band live on their Facebook page May 23rd, at 8PM EST.

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Jeff Blue
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Jeff Blue is a multi-platinum record producer, A&R executive, songwriter, and lawyer. Blue is the author of One Step Closer: From Xero to #1: Becoming Linkin Park, reaching #1 on Amazon. Music business columnist.

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