Biden Meets With Queen Elizabeth II As G-7 Summit Comes To A Close

Biden and the first lady met with Queen Elizabeth II at her home in Windsor Castle on Sunday before he travels to Brussels.

WINDSOR, England — With the G-7 Summit coming to a close on Sunday, President Joe Biden and the first lady met with Queen Elizabeth II at her home in Windsor Castle.

After Marine One touched down on the lawn of the castle, the Bidens were greeted with an official Guard of Honor military parade before the American national anthem played.

Wearing his aviator sunglasses, Biden stood next to the queen before inspecting the troops at the quadrangle of Windsor Castle. The Bidens and Queen Elizabeth went inside to enjoy tea privately for the afternoon.

The meeting lasted around an hour before the Bidens boarded Marine One for London Heathrow. Once on the tarmac, Biden told reporters the queen was “extremely gracious.”

“I don’t think she’ll be insulted, but she reminded me of my mother,” Biden said before boarding Air Force One. The president also confirmed that he invited her to visit the White House.

The president also confirmed the queen asked about Putin and China’s Xi Jinping.

Biden is the 13th sitting president to meet the British monarch. She has met every American president since Dwight Eisenhower apart from Lyndon Johnson, who did not travel to Britain while in office.

Former President Donald Trump met Queen Elizabeth in 2018 and shocked both the press and palace staff when he breached royal protocol by walking ahead of the queen, blocking her view and cutting off her walking path.

Following his afternoon tea with the queen, Biden traveled to Brussels on Sunday evening for a NATO summit, which begins on Monday. He will close out his first foreign trip in Switzerland on Wednesday with the highly anticipated meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

While Biden will be in Brussels and Switzerland this week, the first lady will be traveling back to the United States and is due back sometime late Sunday evening.

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