‘Big Brother Australia’ Recap: Reggie Sets Her Sights On The Intruders

Temptation week Tuesday was causing heavy emotions and the OGs set their sights on the intruders.

(Fwrd Axis) — Big Brother Australia continued on Tuesday night with temptation week causing heavy emotions and the OGs setting their sights on the intruders.

The episode kicks off following Dave’s eviction. Reggie is having a bit of a hard time without her friend but Big Brother sets the housemates a new shopping task as part of temptation week. Each housemate will be tempted with something they want.

The housemates got to see their loved ones but Tully and Reggie sacrificed their chance to win $80 for the shopping budget. That would be all they get for the week.

Tim and Estelle managed to make up for their past arguments at the instruction of Reggie to stay strong in order to win the challenge and get Brenton out as revenge. 

Before the nominations challenge, Johnson had to pick two housemates to banish to the waiting room, where they would be stuck in the middle between in and out of the game. Johnson decided on Tim and surprisingly Brenton.

For the nominations challenge, the housemates were in pairs and had to navigate a ball through a track and the first pair to get five balls would win. Jaycee and Taras would get five balls first and win safety from house nominations. Meanwhile, Johnson is also safe as he is HoH. 

Tim and Brenton were still in the waiting room and were excluded from nominations. Reggie shifted her focus to wanting Jules out to ensure an intruder would not win and take out those who were there since the beginning. 

The housemates were going to vote and everyone but Johnson, Jaycee, Taras, Tim, and Brenton were eligible for nomination. Big Brother announced Drew, Jules, and Estelle would be up for eviction but have the chance to save themselves in the second chance challenge.

Big Brother Australia continues Wednesday at 7.30 pm on Channel 7 and 7Plus.

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