‘Big Brother Australia’ Recap: The Hackers Take Control

The house got hacked and the house’s ‘power couple’ finally getting broken up on ‘Big Brother Australia’.

 (Fwrd Axis) — Big Brother Australia continued on Monday night with the house getting hacked and the house’s ‘power couple’ finally getting broken up.

The episode kicks off with the Big Brother house being hacked. The ‘hackers’ have taken over the house and set Tim and Alesha on a secret mission to retrieve items from the house without being seen and they would win a KFC dinner. 

Tim and Alesha won the dinner but also saw the video of Drew’s deal with Joel to evict each other’s girlfriends from the game, which Joel later told Alesha was fake on his part. The hackers threw a Chinese-style banquet but also unveiled some home truths about the housemates in front of each other. 

Drew’s lie to Sam about the deal came out when he was forced to explain the deal in front of everyone. The OGs did not believe him and their suspicions were confirmed when Tim told the OGs what he and Aleisha saw in the Diary Room. 

After learning this, the new Head of House, Estelle, wanted Drew out as she said she and the OGs cannot trust him, leading to the nominations challenge. 

For the nominations challenge, the housemates had to balance a ball while standing on a platform. In the end, it came down to Jules and Jaycee but Jules proved to be stronger and won the challenge. 

Jules opted to nominate Aleisha, Drew, and Sam for eviction with Drew as her target. Estelle got the OGs together and put the idea in their head to focus their target on Drew.

Host Sonia Kruger returned to get the eviction proceedings started. Drew and Sam made their pitches to stay but everyone knew it would come down to Aleisha’s vote. In the end, Sonia revealed Sam had been evicted on a 6-5 vote.

Big Brother Australia continues Tuesday at 7.30pm on Channel 7 and 7Plus.

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