‘Big Brother Australia’ Recap: The OGs Turn On Each Other

The housemates fought for the house to stay clean and a blow-up leads to friction between the OGs. 

(Fwrd Axis) — Big Brother Australia continued on Tuesday with the housemates fighting for the house to stay clean and a blow-up leading to friction between the OGs. 

The episode kicked off following Trevor’s eviction. The housemates woke up to a messy house thanks to a party from Big Brother. It’s all a part of the shopping task for the housemates as they must clean up before the 10-minute timer runs out or they risk losing $100 from their shopping budget.

For the next part of the task, Dave felt like he was back on the farm since cows and sheep left some droppings for the housemates to clean up followed by a “hurricane” overnight that swept through the BB house.

Dave and Tim are wanting Tully out. Tim gives this information to Reggie, who lets it slip intentionally to Tully. She’s now on the warpath to figure out who tossed her name out only for Taras to tell her to talk to the OGs since she heard it from Reggie. 

Tully confronts Dave about the rumours going around but he denies it, placing blame on Tim. Tully goes to Tim and recalls the conversation with Dave, leading to an argument between the two men. With the nominations challenge looming, Dave and Tully know it is a must-win for them both.

The nominations challenge saw the housemates compete in groups of two as one would be with their head in a box filling up with water while the other pours water in their opponent’s bucket. In the end, Jules and Gabby would do enough to win the challenge and stay safe from house nominations. 

The housemates scrambled for their lives as both sides worked to get the numbers. Alesha did her best to ensure two of the three nominees would be OGs while the OGs tried to get two newbies on the block.

After all the housemates nominated, Big Brother revealed Lulu, Sam, and Dave were up for eviction. However, they will have a second chance to save themselves in the second chance challenge.

Big Brother Australia continues Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 7 and 7Plus.

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