‘Big Brother’ Recap: A Veto Leads To Petty Play For Taylor

A veto punishment leads to Taylor shifting her target.

(Fwrd Axis) – Big Brother continued on Wednesday night with a Power of Veto competition that led to some drama and cracks within the Leftovers alliance.

The episode kicked off following Taylor’s nominations of Terrance and Indy. Taylor’s true target is Terrance but she’s told the house that Monte is the backdoor target. However, Terrance is not buying it. 

Meanwhile, Joseph tells Taylor in the event that the veto is used, she will need to pick someone to hide the alliance. So Joseph comes up with the plan to use himself as a pawn in an attempt to get the heat off of The Leftovers and Taylor’s closeness to Joseph. She actually agrees but Michael and Brittany disagree with the move. However, in a conversation in the storage room, Michael and Brittany agree to take a shot at Joseph if the chance presents itself.

For the veto competition, Taylor, Indy, and Terrance are joined by Alyssa, Jasmine, and Kyle. The players had to bounce a ball down a giant guitar trying to land in spaces with points. The player with the least amount of points would be eliminated and choose a prize or punishment.

Taylor gets eliminated and her prize is a trip to London. Alyssa is eliminated next and takes Taylor’s trip, sticking her with a punishment. This leaves Taylor furious and wanting revenge on Alyssa for stealing her trip.

Meanwhile, Kyle wins the Power of Veto and must now decide if he wants to keep his girlfriend safe or be loyal to his alliance. Taylor meets with Monte, Brittany, and Joseph telling them she wants Alyssa out of the game and for Indy or Terrance to come down.

“This could be the end of the Leftovers,” Michael says in the Diary Room.

Big Brother continues Thursday night at 9/8c on CBS and streams on Paramount+ with a special 2-hour episode where the house will split right down the middle in a twist.

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