‘Big Brother’ Recap: Taylor’s Chaotic HOH Reign Begins

What will happen with Taylor in power this week?

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(Fwrd Axis) – Big Brother continued on Sunday night with the classic wall competition and Taylor taking control of the house, beginning one chaotic reign.

The episode kicked off with the continuation of the Head of Household competition. The conspiracy theorist-themed comp saw the final 11 hanging on for dear life to win power and with the Festie Bestie twist over, it is more important than ever.

Jasmine fell first after just five minutes and followed by Brittany and Terrance. Monte was the next to fall, leaving Turner, Indy, Alyssa, Kyle, and Taylor. In the end, it came down to Kyle and Taylor with Taylor hanging on to win her first competition of the season.

With Taylor in power, the girls are worried as is Terrance since they have no idea where they sit with her. Meanwhile, Michael is annoyed at Monte and Joseph for what he feels is them not pulling their weight within the alliance. 

Taylor meets with the Leftovers alliance and throws out the idea of pairing Turner and Monte with Turner, which catches the guys off guard and shows Taylor had no idea what she was doing at the start of the week. I mean, putting two of your own members on the block isn’t the best idea.

Indy runs up to the HOH room to get more clarity from Taylor about what her plans are. Despite promising her that she wouldn’t go up, Taylor informs Indy that she will be going up as the pawn. 

At the nomination, Taylor nominated Terrance and Indy but put on a show for the house that Monte is her real target by looking him dead in the eyes but as everyone knows, it was only for the house’s sake, her target, for now, is Terrance.

Big Brother continues at 8/7c on Wednesday night on CBS and streams on Paramount+.

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