‘Big Brother’ Recap: A Messy Comp Leads To New Head Of Household

Jasmine is now in power — but who is her real target?

(Fwrd Axis) — Big Brother continued on Sunday night with a messy Head of Household competition and two more players seeing the block after getting nominated for eviction.

The episode kicked off following part one of the HOH competition. Taylor and Terrance are happy they managed to survive the block while Daniel is furious that his HOH reign was for nothing since the three people he nominated all ended up staying in the game.

Jasmine returns after rolling her ankle on crutches and then it is time to play the final part of the HOH competition. Each player had to answer true and false questions while digging into a pie using only their face and a player would be eliminated every round. The final round came down to Michael and Jasmine but Jasmine did just enough to win the HOH and safety for the week.

With the win, Jasmine had to decide who would face the block. Pooch wants Taylor out this week and has the bright idea to nominate himself for eviction. As someone who has been watching this show since 2000, that is next a good idea.

Alyssa knows this and the rest of the girls hear this and devise a plan to get Pooch out of the game, saying this could be their lone chance to take a shot to put him up and get him out game. Meanwhile, Pooch is over here thinking this is a brilliant plan (but it’s totally not).

In a conversation with Taylor, Jasmine told her in so many words that she would be going on the block as a pawn. Meanwhile, she told Pooch the same thing and in the Diary Room, she admitted she has no true target since she’s happy with either of them going home.

At the nomination ceremony, Jasmine nominates Taylor and Pooch for eviction, sticking to her not caring theme and giving them the chance to play in the Power of Veto competition.

Big Brother continues Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS and streams on Paramount+.

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