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‘Big Brother VIP’ Recap: A Surprising Twist Sends One VIP Out The Door

Big Brother surprised the celebrities with a big escape that was that saw one VIP escape the threat of eviction.

Big Brother VIP continued on Wednesday with Big Brother surprising the celebrities but it was one VIP making a big escape that was the biggest surprise of the night.

The episode kicked off with Bernie feeling on top of the world after Danny’s eviction. Luke is sad to see Danny go but he’s happy that he’s not been a target as the game concludes its second week. 

Imogen has been missing her animals, so Big Brother set her a secret task to transport animals around the hotel without her fellow VIPs catching her. Since she passed her mission, all VIPs will get messages from home. 

Following messages from home and after the tears dried, Big Brother presented the VIPs with a game-changing advantage. They had to press a button and whoever got close to 15 minutes would win. Since Bernie and Luke were close with 14 minutes, they both battled it out in the challenge to win the advantage. 

For the game advantage challenge, Luke and Bernie had to stack boxes high enough to build a tower to grab a golden ball in the middle of the yard. Luke raced out to an early lead but a misstep saw him lose his stack and start from scratch. However, he did not get rattled and rebuilt his tower to earn the win over Bernie.

Big Brother informed Luke his advantage is in the velvet room. He can use a secret passage to save himself or a fellow ally from eviction. He cannot tell anyone about it prior to the nominees for eviction have been announced and he can use it on himself. 

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For the nominations challenge, the VIPs had to keep rolling a ball down a ramp and keep it going without it hitting the ground. It came down to Luke and Josh with the TikTok star winning his first challenge. 

Josh had revenge on his mind with his nominations, putting Bernie and Ellie on the block with his closest ally Luke next to them. With his name in the firing line, Luke played his game advantage and hid away in Big Brother’s junk room.

Host Sonia Kruger returned to get the eviction proceedings started and revealed Luke’s advantage was escaping eviction. As a result, Ellie and Bernie’s chances of staying in the hotel together were dashed. Sonia revealed Bernie had been evicted on a 4-0 vote.

Big Brother VIP continues next Monday at 7.30 PM on Channel 7 and 7Plus.

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