Netflix Drops Trailer For Season 3 Of ‘The Circle’

The third season trailer features new twists, intense gameplay, and one hell of a catfish.

ALERT! The Circle is back for its third season on Netflix and the reality series is more twisted than ever.

The streaming service dropped the trailer on Wednesday for the upcoming third season, featuring new twists, intense gameplay, and one hell of a catfish that is sure to test some of the players mentally.

The first eight players of the season are Nick, Ruksana, Calvin, Michelle, Kai, Daniel, Matthew, and sisters Ava and Chanel. Some players will enter the game as themselves but others will be catfishing, hiding behind fake photos and different sexualities to lie their way to $100,000.

In a twist taken from The Circle UK, one player will find herself getting hacked and a player will steal her photos and profile to try and convince the other players she is playing as a catfish.

Watch the full trailer below:

Season 3 of The Circle premieres on September 8 on Netflix.

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