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‘The Challenge: USA’ Recap: The First ‘Survivor’ Player Gets Eliminated

Tyson and Angela continue to dominate the game despite not being paired.

(Fwrd Axis) — The Challenge: USA continued on Wednesday night with Tyson and Angela continuing to dominate the game despite not being paired together while one team barely escaped elimination.

The episode kicks off following Tiffany and Cashel’s elimination. Host T.J. Lavin reshuffles the teams as the new teams are: David and Shannon; Kyland and Angela; Derek and Shan; Ben and Kyra; Enzo and Desi; Domenick and Cashay; Danny and Azah; Xavier and Cayla; Tyson and Alyssa; Cinco and Sarah; Leo and Justine; and James and Tasha. As soon as they walk out of the arena, it’s obvious that Domenick and Cashay’s partnership is going to be a bad one.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Tyson and Angela strategize but are being watched by Shan. She knows Angela will try to stick to Tyson to get her further but Shan is hoping that Tyson will remain loyal to team Survivor. 

The Challenge

T.J. returns to get this week’s daily challenge started. It’s called “Hang On Man” or as he puts it “the challenge version of the classic game ‘hangman’. Teams would have to build a staircase up to a platform where one of them will hold a metal pole across their back. For each incorrect answer, a bag of sand will be added, putting more strain to hold up the pole. If the teammate falls while the other is spelling, the pair would be eliminated.

Ben, Kyland, and Tyson all jumped out of the gate strong to guess their letters. Justine and Cashay both struggle as neither likes to run. After taking some weight on her bar, Tasha falls and that means she and James would be going straight into the arena for elimination.

Kyland correctly spells his phrase and races back to win the challenge along with Angela. This is the first win for Kyland and second for Angela, meaning Team Big Brother would likely be safe once again.

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The Deliberation

Kyland and Angela feel the fair way to do things is to send David and Shan or Domenick and Cashay into elimination since they feel those two pairings are the weakest of the bunch. Despite being from the same show, James has no problem throwing fellow Amazing Race contestant Leo into talks to save himself.

Elsewhere, Dom has been mentally preparing to go in, which understandably frustrates Cashay. You NEVER volunteer to go into elimination, no matter what show you are on.

The Elimination

Kyland and Angela decide to pick Dom and Cash to face off against Tasha and James in the arena. In the elimination called “Plug and Play,” teams must jump into a tank filled with water to release building blocks but also do this while plugging a hole to stop water from flowing out of the tank. If the water exits the tank, the team is disqualified.

James is the only one to plug the drain while Dom does the risky strategy of not plugging his hole but it would pay off as Cashay just finishes building her blocks before the water crosses the line, eliminating Tasha and James.

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS and streams on Paramount+

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