Trump Acknowledges Struggle To Take Election Battle To Supreme Court

Trump’s first interview since losing the election was filled with lies

In his first full interview since losing the 2020 Election, President Donald Trump finally acknowledged his narrowing path to overturning the election results will be difficult.

Speaking to Fox News’ “Sunday Features”, Mr. Trump told host Maria Bartiromo getting the case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court is going to be hard.

“Well, the problem is, it’s hard to get into the Supreme Court,” he said. “I’ve got the best Supreme Court advocates, lawyers, that want to argue the case, if it gets there. They said, ‘It’s very hard to get a case up there. Can you imagine, Donald Trump, president of the United States, files a case, and I probably can’t get a case.”

Mr. Trump has refused to concede despite every media outlet calling the race for President-elect Joe Biden. The former Vice President is projected to win 306 Electoral Votes to the President’s 232.

However, the President’s comments contrasted with that of his legal team and he seemed to be closer to acknowledging his loss despite not giving an official concession speech or publicly saying he lost.

On Thanksgiving Day, Mr. Trump said for the first time he would leave the White House if the Electoral College votes for Biden when they meet to cast their ballots on December 14. The President and his campaign have pressured courts to delay the certification of election results but several have went ahead and done so regardless.

Several of those cases have been filed in Pennsylvania, the state which put Biden over the top. Friday saw a federal appeals court reject a Trump campaign challenge, saying “the claims have no merit.”

Mr. Trump’s interview on Sunday was filled with lies from start to finish, falsely claiming voter fraud and fueling baseless conspiracy theories.

“We had glitches where they moved thousands of votes from my account to Biden’s account,” Trump claimed. “Dead people were applying to get a ballot.”

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