Biden Touts March Jobs Report: “Americans Are Getting Back To Work”

The jobs report for March saw 431,000 jobs added and the unemployment rate dropped to 3.6%, a low for the pandemic era.

WASHINGTON (Fwrd Axis) — President Joe Biden on Friday touted his administration’s efforts as part of the success to the nation’s economic recovery while also acknowledging the financial struggles brought on by the war in Ukraine that enters its sixth week.

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The jobs report for March saw 431,000 jobs added and the unemployment rate dropped to 3.6%, a low for the pandemic era.

“Americans are back to work. And that’s good news for millions of families who have a little more breathing room and the dignity that comes from earning a paycheck, just the dignity of having a job,” Biden said at the White House.

Despite the record recovery for the economy, Biden’s approval numbers on the issue have struggled due to record inflation, rising consumer prices, global supply chain issues, and high gas prices. Over 75 percent of Americans disapprove of his handling of inflation and as a result the economy, according to an ABC News poll from earlier this month.

“Even though we created a record number of jobs we know — I know that this job is not finished. We need to do more to get prices under control. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has driven up gas prices and food prices all over the world,” Biden added.

The President said reducing the deficit would help combating inflationary pressures. Earlier this week, Biden announced his budget for 2023, which includes a 20 percent tax on billionaires in the country.

“It was the previous administration, through its reckless policies and mismanagement, that led to the record budget deficits,” he said.

Biden credited his Covid-19 emergency relief package and the bipartisan infrastructure law with helping the economy rebound during the pandemic. He also added because of his administration’s work, schools have remained open and a national vaccination program launched, driving down infections and cases.

“We’re building a recovery worthy of American workers, strong and resilient and it’s going to be able to overcome the head winds that it has — of Delta, Omicron and even war in Europe. Our policies are working and we’re getting results for the American people, which is what it’s all about, to state the obvious,” Biden said.