‘Big Brother Australia’ Recap: A Big Twist Sends An OG Packing

The finale of Big Brother Australia is just one week away.

(Fwrd Axis) – The finale of Big Brother Australia is just one week away and Tuesday night’s episode saw Estelle and Reggie get one more shot to continue in the game and one more OG say goodbye to the house.

The episode kicked off following Reggie entering Big Brother’s Arcade. The housemates were upset but Big Brother attempted to cheer the housemates up by playing videos from past housemates who played the game. It was at this moment that the housemates learned Estelle and Reggie had not truly left the game.

Big Brother informed the housemates Estelle, Reggie, and one other housemate would be competing in a second chance challenge. The housemates voted and selected Taras as the person with the best chance to win and return to the game. The loser of the challenge would face eviction. 

Tim had a secret plan to get Taras out on the condition he lost the challenge, using Estelle and Reggie to get rid of him. Meanwhile, once Taras entered the Arcade room, he received an icy greeting from Estelle and Reggie, leading to the big second chance challenge. 

For the second chance challenge, the three nominees had to build a bridge and position a cylinder to make two balls into it. Taras took a huge lead and never looked back as he easily won the challenge, saving himself from eviction.

Reggie made her pitch to Johnson to stay and his wanting to get rid of Estelle sealed his vote. Estelle did not want to pitch against Reggie but managed to talk things out with Taras to earn his vote.

Host Sonia Kruger returned to get the eviction proceedings started. Estelle and Reggie pleaded for their safety but in the end, Estelle was evicted on a 5-0 vote. 

Big Brother Australia continues Wednesday at 7.30 pm on Channel 7 and 7Plus.

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