‘Big Brother Australia’ Recap: Meet Your Final Three

The housemates played one final competition to determine the final three.

(Fwrd Axis) — The finale of Big Brother Australia is just one day away and Monday night saw the housemates compete in one final competition to determine the final three.

The episode kicked off following Aleisha’s eviction. Taras was upset that Reggie voted Aleisha out when she promised to keep her and vote Johnson out. However, after a brief conversation, he understood and forgave her for the betrayal.

Big Brother announced the final four had made it to the final day and there was one challenge standing in the way between them and the finale. After a feature on the final four and a visit from their families, it was time to compete in the final nominations challenge of the season.

For the final challenge, the final four had to go up and down a ramp to release poles, dig for more poles to open a lock, and work through a ball maze. After a tense competition, it came down to Brenton and Taras with Taras winning the last challenge by seconds.

With his win, Taras guaranteed his spot in the final three and won the power to decide who he would take with him to the grand finale. Reggie, Johnson, and Brenton got to work to try and pitch to Taras why they deserve a spot in the final three with him.

Brenton and Johnson agreed to not scramble against each other and Tara felt the weight of the decision.

“I’m going to change the lives of two people out there,” he told Big Brother in the Diary Room.

Host Sonia Kruger returned to get the eviction proceedings started. Brenton, Johnson, and Reggie all gave their pitches to Taras and reflected over the season on how far they’ve come. In the end, Taras voted Brenton out of the house and decided to take Reggie and Johnson with him to the final three.

Following the conclusion of the episode, voting opened for Australians to choose their winner of Big Brother Australia 2022.

Big Brother Australia concludes with the LIVE grand final on Tuesday night at 7.30 pm on Channel 7 and 7Plus.

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