‘Big Brother Australia’ Recap: The Game Goes Old School

(Fwrd Axis) — Big Brother Australia continued on Wednesday with three members of BB Royalty officially entering the house and Big Brother taking the game back to the past.

The episode kicks off following Josh’s eviction. With the house plumbing still an issue, Big Brother sends Tim to lend a helping hand, getting Trevor, Layla, and Drew caught up on what’s going on in the house. Clearly, this season is shaping up to be All-Stars vs. Newbies and the new housemates will be in for a wild ride.

The OGs arrive and cause havoc when Drew reveals they were stealing food from the newbies, upsetting Alesha. Big Brother notes the game has changed and the OGs will have to adapt. 

Before the nominations challenge, Big Brother announced the return of house nominations. Once a week, all housemates will nominate one person for eviction and the three housemates with the most votes will be up while the winner of the nominations challenge will be safe from eviction.

For the nominations challenge, the housemates had to stand in freezing water while balancing a bucket of ice water on a pole. In the end, it came down to Joel and Lara with the former fitness model winning her first challenge and being safe from eviction.

Before nominations, Tim scrambled to save himself because of the worry he is being seen as a threat. Johnson gathers the newbies and suggests putting Tim and Drew up together. Meanwhile, Tim pulls Joel and Aleisha into the bedroom, promising them safety until the final 10 in an effort to save himself.

One by one, the housemates voted. Big Brother revealed Layla received five nominations and Drew had four, meaning they both were up for eviction. However, Mel and Joel each had three, which meant Lara would decide between them. She protested because she gave her word to both of her housemates. 

In the end, Lara decided to flip a pillow and decided to put up Mel. Big Brother then announced a safety competition would take place between Drew, Mel, and Layla where one of them would come off the block.

Big Brother Australia continues Thursday at 7:30 on Channel 7 and 7Plus

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