‘Big Brother Australia’ Recap: More Royalty Arrives As One Newbie Is Sent Packing

Love and heartbreak sends Josh out the door.

(Fwrd Axis) — Big Brother Australia continued on Tuesday night with four more members of Big Brother royalty joining the house and the first eviction of the season bringing out true emotions.

The episode kicked off following the eviction being canceled and the housemates being greeted by Tim, Reggie, Estelle, and Dave. Josh is still unhappy with the eviction being canceled but more unhappy with Sam rejecting him all those years ago, wanting to know if she will ever feel the same about him and he tells her just that in their chat.

Unfortunately, Sam feels just weirded out and uncomfortable by the entire situation. She tells Josh the setting is not the right place for the conversation but Josh will not let it go, giving multiple “red flag” alerts throughout the episode. At one point, he tells the entire house to put him up for eviction, wanting to go home. This does not sit well with the J-Squad as they were a solid group nor Tim because he wants to use Josh against the J-Squad.

Before the next challenge, host Sonia Kruger welcomed former housemates Layla Subritzky, Anthony Drew, and Trevor Butler back to the game. However, they would have to live in secret in Big Brother’s sewer until further notice to stay safe from the next eviction.

Back in the main house, it was time for the nominations challenge. This challenge is all about endurance and strength ‚Äď both physical and mental. The housemates had to stand on a¬†raised beam that would tilt forward the longer the challenge goes on and the housemate left standing would win. It would come down to Joel and Josh with Joel winning his second consecutive challenge, likely painting a target on his back in the process.

For his second set of nominations, Joel nominates Josh for being a challenge threat, Sam for lying about her relationship with Josh, and Estelle as the safe vote. Tim, known to stir the pot, wants Josh to stay in the game and attempts to manipulate the housemates into keeping the international model in the house.

Sonia returns for the eviction ceremony, where Tim admits his plan to the entire house, calling out Joel as a threat in the game. However, his plan backfired when Sonia announced it was a 6-6 tie between Josh and Sam to be evicted. As the winner of the challenge, Joel decided to send Josh home.

Big Brother Australia continues on Wednesday night with sparks flying between housemates and a twist to the nominations challenge shocking the house.

Big Brother Australia airs Monday-Thursday at 7:30 on Channel 7 and 7Plus.

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