‘Big Brother VIP’ Recap: A Risky Move Results In A Twisty Eviction

Luke was planning another big blindside but did a last minute twist mess with his plans?

(Fwrd Axis) — Big Brother VIP continued on Monday night with Big Brother shocking the VIPs with a double eviction and Jessika making a decision that shook up the entire hotel.

The episode began with the fallout from Bernie’s eviction. Ellie is feeling the pressure of forming a new alliance and Dayne makes it easier for her by getting into an argument with Jessika over Instagram followers, leaving Jessika wanting him out in the next eviction.

Big Brother set the VIPs a 24-hour shopping task to catch as many letters at random times to win money for food. However, Jessika was set on a secret mission to sabotage the challenge and secretly win food for herself. Jessika then brought in Imogen to help her fail the food task for the other housemates. In the end, the housemates won $460 towards their shopping for the rest of the week.

Once the task was over, the focus shifted back to the game. Jess and Ellie hatched a plan to split up the boy’s alliance by dividing it down the middle with Dayne as their main target to get out of the hotel. However, all that did was paint a massive target on Ellie’s back not only with the boys but among the girls as well.

The nominations challenge saw the VIPs hanging on for dear life in a battle of endurance. The celebrity housemates had to hang on to a wall with only pegs keeping them on. The wall will tilt both forwards and backward, making it much more difficult. The last VIP standing wins the power to nominate three housemates for eviction. 

Thomas, Imogen, and Ellie were the first to fall and they were followed by Luke. Josh hung on as much as he could but gave the win to Jess. As a result, Jessika nominated Dayne, Thomas, and Ellie for eviction. 

Ellie was not happy with Jessika but the boys felt like they escaped eviction — which they did. Luke and Josh formed a plan to get rid of Ellie because of the girls, she is the biggest threat remaining. 

Luke got to work as he tried to rally the troops to blindside Ellie. Knowing she is a big threat and with votes on their side, he knew had the votes to pull it off. However, would a twist from Big Brother spoil his plans?

Host Sonia Kruger returned to get the eviction proceedings started. After speaking to the housemates, it was time to vote. She then revealed Ellie had five votes against her and would be leaving the hotel but added a double eviction was taking place. The VIPs voted a second time and this time chose Dayne.

As Ellie and Dayne were about to leave, Big Brother stopped them both and told them their games are not over just yet. They are still alive but will have to work for it if they want to return.

Big Brother VIP continues on Tuesday night at 7.30 PM on Channel 7 and 7Plus with Ellie having revenge on her mind

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