‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Recap: Miesha Targets A Housewife

Miesha ‘Cupcake’ Tate’s has her eyes on a real Housewife.

(Fwrd Axis) — Celebrity Big Brother rolled on Thursday night with Miesha ‘Cupcake’ Tate’s nominations and the reveal of what The Gala Gift mystery box holds for the celebrity housemates.

The episode kicked off following Miesha’s HOH win. Todrick Hall got to work getting in alliances, totaling four different alliances with the majority of the house. I don’t know about you all but this recaper thinks that he’s going to get exposed by Frenchie sooner rather than later. 

Miesha speaks with Todrick and Chris Kirkpatrick in the HoH bedroom and decided she wants to target either Chris Kattan, Todd Bridges, or Teddi Mellencamp. Before Miesha can even make her nominations, The Gala Gift mystery box came into play.

The rules were a tad complicated but basically whoever got the hat inside the box last would be safe for the week. After passing around the hat, Cynthia Bailey-Hill was the last to put the hat on and earned safety for the week. However, the hat can be a curse for the rest of the house because even if you are not nominated on eviction night, you can still be sent home.

Miesha brought Mirai in to ask her if she wanted to go up as a pawn despite asking her to join her, Todrick, and Chris’ alliance for “this week” to have the Power of Veto used and backdoor Teddi. This did not sit well with Mirai, who is working with Teddi in the Formation Alliance. 

Mirai’s move backfired after she went to talk to Todrick and told him about Miesha targeting Teddi. Todrick then went to Miesha to inform her about what was going on, upsetting the HOH is never good to do in week one. Desperate to save herself, Teddi offered Miesha a deal where if she isn’t put up, then Teddi won’t target her if she wins HOH.

In the end, Miesha decided to nominate Carson as a pawn and Mirai as her target. However, the Power of Veto and Gala Gift Box could send a celebrity not on the block out the door.

Who will win the Power of Veto and who will be the first celebrity to be sent packing? Find out when Celebrity Big Brother continues on Friday night at 8/7c LIVE on CBS with host Julie Chen Mooves. 

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